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HST too hard

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  • HST too hard

    HST is a big middle finger to 95% of players that can't do it. Finding a super team to help you is idiotic and i always get left out in the rain. I've done it once. Fix it so that the end boss is the same difficulty, but a team of gold sylphs can easily beat a few bosses. It's just plain awful the way they have it now. I'm ready to rage quit over this offensive event. All the work I put in over the years and some twirp that paid for a red odin can do it but I can't. Pathetic.

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    HST i can kill all the bosses with my team on 1st lvl 2nd boss is a bit difficult yes but thats the way the game goes cant complain as i need the stuff from the 1st floor rewards


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      to many players think it the gof given right that ther can do all thing from day 1 of, i wondr wht so many play then ther just want to could do all thing from day 1 og why dont dont ther play wow then ther you can do that.


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        of course it's too hard, that's the purpose of a new mpd.
        next step is they will introduce new things for your sylphs that will increase their strength significantly, like stronger sylph equipments or something else.
        and it's obviously they will made it hard to get so people will have to cash for it.

        this is the same pattern as always.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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          hm but it would at least be fair make maybe 2 difficulties for there .... that even people without 2ele sylphs can kill first 3 bosses to get forward ? ...
          against devotion ^^


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            Originally posted by R264317145 View Post
            hm but it would at least be fair make maybe 2 difficulties for there .... that even people without 2ele sylphs can kill first 3 bosses to get forward ? ...
            It's agreeable that there could be 2 difficulties, but I think that the rewards should also be decreased in those difficulties. It wouldn't be fair to those that can complete in it's current state to have players getting the same reward for less work.
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              i agree with mreus

              if u want it on a plate and ave 2 difficulties the lower difficulty will be decreased by half
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                I think thats a good idea to change rewards based on difficulty so that people still have a chance.

                With the way I've seen events so far, and how R2 handling events, people would rather quit than just spend time on the event or even on wartunes anymore.

                I'm sure the same would be of benefit for Titan Temple too, R2 doesn't realize that event the BR cap keeps going up, but lower BR can't catch up to the rate they're merging stronger players into the CS top100, or the way most of them are spending.


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                  HST is a merged sylph dungeon, and they have unlocked merges for a semi-reasonable amount of effort, finally. It's frustrating that even a strong single-element sylph is nearly useless, but once everyone has been able to make a merged sylph, HST will be more doable, and we won't need to beg help from the same few players every week.


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                    it is very hard.but this dungeon have good reward!!

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