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How to Earn Knighthood?

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  • How to Earn Knighthood?

    My progress in the game is on hold. I think I have to earn Knighthood next, but I don't know for sure and I don't know how.

    1. I've gone through Class Advancement. I'm at highest level, LVL 10 Dragon Bow Master.

    2. I am not allowed to earn more Exp. On the experience bar it says, "Max level has already been achieved."

    3. When I visit Brad at Class Advancement my only choice is to "Leave".

    4. I have as a quest, "An Audience with the King. - Fully upgrade Talent level." But I cannot upgrade my talent because the game won't let me earn more Exp.

    Where are the instructions? What are my steps to earn Knighthood?



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    You can still earn more exp even though the exp bar says its maxed. Go to your talents page and watch your exp amount there, it should be going up each time you do stuff to earn exp.

    Once you get your talents maxed and complete that quest, you will need to work on getting the correct amount of henna stats, can't recall the exact amount needed. When you talk to brad, it will show you how much you need.


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      Okay, that is good to know!

      Thank you!



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        While you're working on that, you will also need to work on your Tattoo stats. You can find the forum post showing all the current tatoo stats required based on your class here
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          Thank you! I've done almost nothing on tattoos. I'll work on that.