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Cthulus guild

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  • Cthulus guild

    Just had Cthulus guild in for this imperial war laste over 40 min not bad interesting at first but was taken care of quick good fights guys. We won and our guild which is Twilight made a good strategy again to counter attack these strong people didnt know eliatan was in that guild!
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    At least you got someone. I didn't have anyone from the opposing team to show up for 2 weeks now as I just left my units parked on posts and went to check on the barbee. I do not like easy wins as I want a fight, LOL.

    Then again, I think everyone's gone for Memorial Day.
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      Lol nice man yea we had a bit slow at the begaining only had about 50 members almost a min to the start the battle but was a good battle after all was crazy seeing Eliatan and we killed beatiful bod i gave her a high high crit! hehe was funny