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Block + BR + Resistance

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  • Block + BR + Resistance

    •Im a level 68 archer but i have like no block whatsoever cause i never focused on it. Is it really that important? And if i do try increasing my block stat, how would i do that?
    • What BR would be considered really good for lvl 65-69 players? Not average but like actually pretty high for that level
    • Which elements do you prioritize for your resistance? If you have a dark sylph, should you focus a bit more on your dark res or more on the other elements res? And which element for resistance is the most important? (I guess that would be determined by which sylph if most popular/used?)

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    First things, block and dodge do alot for all players. You will see when you get hit some blue numbers. I believe that is either block or dodge. Easiest way to increase both of those stats without major changes is to get those astrals. A good thing for you to do is look at the top archers on the cross server leader boards. You will see the best builds for an archer in there. Yes we are all maxed out in that, short of mass amounts of $$$ for smelt, but you will see the best gems to have. You can also look at astrals, the other mostly free thing in this game. This game gives so much gold that the astrals are probably the easiest way to boost stats. As for the sylphs, Wind seemed to be insanely popular before holysword. While that one works really well in arena (4 vs 4) They don't seem to work that well against the Odin or Thor when its just 1 vs 1. That's my two cents worth. Good Luck!


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      Several patches ago, everyone has preferred using a dark or electro sylph. However, over time, most are either dual Dark/Light or Wind/Water. I hardly take the time in fine tuning my resistances, so I would suggest following what fubitz might have to offer in helping to building an all-around archer.
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        I probably would mostly ignore block for now - you can consider switching stats into it later, but it probably won't do you a lot of good at this stage.
        A good BR for level 65-69 is almost meaningless these days, when you can reach level 80 in a matter of days. The only people who spend significant time at lower levels are probably doing it to beat up on new players in the battlegrounds.
        And with everyone getting a chance at dual element sylphs, it's nearly impossible to pick the best elements. Getting one element to a maximum is still a good idea, since a lot of attacks are still non-elemental, which means it uses your highest resistance.
        I max one element, then split the rest across the others.


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          as far as block goes ,wait till later .the astrals you should have are patk,crit,crit base dmg,pdef,mdef and hp.i am lvl71 archer and have 2,50mil br.i started my toon in oct 2016.i make electro res. high priority.1 hit from electro sylph can wipe you out.the rest of the res I try to make all equal