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How to double hit for Knights.

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  • How to double hit for Knights.

    Like double hit shadow thrasher twice or...?
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    Only double hit you can do is an autoattack followed by, more than likely any skill beside delphis or whirlwinds. But 2 abilities in a "double attack" forget it. never will happen
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      only ones i know of are when you first start a battle (pvm as doesnt work well pvp) let your char autoattack first when he/she goes to run at the opponent select either slasher or ulti slasher to hit that directly after hitting your basic attack. This can also be done just after using either delphics so after useing the delphic wait till your char is starting the basic attack an select a slasher.


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        Auto + slasher(or ultimate slasher) but its kinda difficult to time it right