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guild battle rewards

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  • guild battle rewards

    a lot of players on our server are missing out on a lot of guild battle rewards because of work or other obligations.
    We also have a lot of discussion in our guild about who is gonna be placed on the guild battle list, because we have so much players in our guild. Wouldn't it be fair to just give all the players in the guild the rewards?, even the players that are not on the list

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    you should do what we do the first 2 rounds with easy guild put lower br players so they can get the chance then the next 3 hardest fight get your top players on it


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      That would be very easy to abuse if all players got rewards regardless of whether they were there at the battle or not. I wish my server had such activity as well. The second biggest guild and we never have enough to fill the slots, usually have 25-35 lol


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        well a lot of players on our server are missing about 4 guild battles a week due to work or other obligations, and thats a whole lot of rewards that we are missing every week.


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          we do give the lower levels guild battle time, but its about the players that can only play 1 or 2 guild battles a week due to work or other obligations