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remove event bar

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  • remove event bar

    If someone wants the new event bar to be removed lets give his/her opinion here.It makes awesome lags and its the worst thing into the game

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    worst thing on that event bare is then icon shift places none stop so no way to rember ther a icon is on it.


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      Personally, I liked it that it stayed in one place, closed as I don't use any icons (aside from the Hot Events or Crystal Rewards).

      However, a few things I can do without when it comes to hopefully revamping such:
      • Swirlies. Lose them. They cause a considerate amount of lag. Not many of us give a damn when it comes to spend based icons, so why? Then, you got your Hot Events icon firing up each time you collect something from mail, reward panel, your farm (WHY?!?!?!), or anything that is inventory related. Get rid of them and we will breathe a sigh of relief. If someone needs to check something, they can click the icon of choice.
      • Size of Icons. Make them a bit smaller. I don't know who benefits from big Day-O icons other than the same blokes that benefit from the huge Day-O damage numbers. I am beginning to think that a certain zone of people are "blind" and therefore need the icons to be as large as a quarter so they can be seen. Whatever; it still makes good for zeroing my rifle scope from afar.
      • Number of Icons. Seriously? Who would benefit from eleventy-billion (Kids Next Door reference) icons? I sure wouldn't hence why I loved it when it stays closed or I would be having a fit each time that bar opens up on its own to plop those in my face. Some of those deserve places in folders that can be accessed when clicked on (no swirls on the folders, please).
      • Shifting Icons. I have to agree with folks here, I don't like my icons to shift, either. It reminds me of that one little program that talks about a guy's size (too graphic) and when he tries to click the "No" button it shifts left and right that the only choice was to click the "Yes" button to exit. It was funny but annoying at the same time. That is what these icons that shift from one page to the next are: annoying. Lock them in!
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        this new bar is annoying as hell with shifting icons... and dun get why those ... heads of devs removed game box from the top... and placed it on npc they should place tp etc on it... they should place athenas ares imp war venus in 1 box.. saves icons and space and searching
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          the new bar has its advantages and what not

          the shifting icons is horrible, because you have to go back and forth.

          like i mentioned in other posts, I like to see them just reduce the icons to no more than 3-5. and implementing everything else through cloud city npcs.
          Events like Speed run you have to talk to an NPC.

          i would guess the only way this gets removed is that its proven that its causing all the lag/freezing.