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Mount training Whips, gems and animated stones

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  • Mount training Whips, gems and animated stones

    It would be nice if we can go further higher in level then level 12 gems. Why not combine 4 same of each bracket to get a higher lvl etc.

    Also there is a current cap level on mount training whips. Why not making it infinity? Let people fill them up. For example: I have it maxed out so I can't participate in the mount training whip events anymore. Now some players are excluded for events what in my eyes seems not to be fair.

    Same as for the mount training whips. Let us just keep filling it up and gave those 30 Wrathstones and extend also the titan training.
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    These are good ideas.

    I am working towards sets of 10 gem of each lvl so that i can to the event and get the rewards of the "10 per lvl reward". But having lots of lvl 12 and 11 gems in the inventory seems to be a waste.

    Or the developers make the advanced mount interesting to lvl and make the whips used for that count towards the event. Now i have all advanced mounts but none of them are leveled since whips do not count.

    Yup, let go of the 60/60 cap and let us spend these stones again. Now these stones became one of many items wich are useless.


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      Advanced mounts are actually more worth than normal. Sure need to keep some whips for events, but rest is good for advanced mounts. Tho even advanced mounts get capped at lvl 180.. And as buur said, get 10 of each gem tier for gem master events.