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Wow where is the thread was created by namira? Deleted by gm?

This topic is closed.
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  • Wow where is the thread was created by namira? Deleted by gm?

    Ah i think they dont have any proof to banned namira, so they close the thread.. Lol

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    This game has been lying to us .. they took our money and by arbitrarily blocking our account .. you all know what you have to do now .. just leave this game and move on looking for other games that are more concerned with the people who have helped support their servers .. not like R2 falsely treat their assets

    Luina S81


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      No, they deleted the thread because discussion of bans are not allowed on these Forums.

      His ban does not concern ANY of you. Only him and R2 themselves.

      Quit throwing your nose into their business.
      The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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        hey moderator.. im balen user too, i dont want like them got banned, so im interest to know what R2 games do with this case.. if u said like that, i rather use cheat then pay some money for this game.. because it safety then i use balen..


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          Thread in question was moved for further investigation.

          As Brother said- it concerns none of you. Any further posts on the topic will be immediately removed and the posters given a time out.
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