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Patch 7.8 and Events Feedback, Suggestions, Complaints

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  • Patch 7.8 and Events Feedback, Suggestions, Complaints

    Now that everyone has had some time to play with and discuss Patch 7.8, your feedback is officially requested.

    What we want to see:
    1. Complaints/Feedback about Patch 7.8
    2. Suggestions/Feedback regarding ingame events

    Notes: Please keep the thread on topic and replies constructive. Please do not argue about other people's opinions. Please be specific with any requests. You may link to an existing thread or post that conveys your thoughts. Existing threads and posts are already noted, and will be relayed as additional support for any feedback contained within this thread.
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  • #2
    Even with this new patch they still havent been able to improve the response time on the guild treasures. when are they going to fix that time out issue.


    • #3
      Whats the point of Feedbacks and Suggestions if noone from devs ever read them or care about it.They just do it their own stupid way to milk more money from people who still willing to spend. My feedback-this patch was worst in a long time.
      Bounty targets-start over again (ok 100 days to where i was,no problem. For now i will just enjoy lame rewards.)
      Wb- Good for new or low br players. Only good if youre few minutes late you still can get devotion.
      Castle wars- Meh... Can do it if dont have anything to do before wb.
      Devotion system- Just ONE good thing i really like,because as free players now its easier for me to get more bb.
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      • #4
        well they can lower the sign up for castle wars 5 mill guild wealth is far too much for small guilds


        world boss ave the afternoon world boss reintroduced so we get 3 world bosses per day like in the old days


        • #5

          is what I would describe any and all patch releases now that I have figured out the pattern of such. Each time there is a hype about a feature, there is always the snipe that follows in its most secretive form.

          Want to know, read my past feedback as I am not going to repeat myself.
          Vicious! Approach with Caution!
          Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
          Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
          Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


          • #6
            could add another devotion chest for reaching 2100 dev world boss is a good change castle war sign up is way to high bounty target need to fix the return on diamonds is way to low and players will never be able to do the diamond event after the current one rewards for castle war the tank mount shards are good but all other rewards are for new players need to change them to items players need like terra grass willpower items even dragon chant talismans that are purple or higher also the time of castle war needs to change its to late and a lot of players are not from the same time zone in the servers need to remove hero and put castle war in its time slot need to add tattoo engraving stones to guild shop it takes way to long to get enough of the tattoo engraving stones just for it to fail every time would have like to seen player being able to put the will power eudaemons to both main and sub if they chose as adding them to sub will add no more battle rating anyways over all this patch offers little for players who have been playing the game would have like to seen something added for those players who have been playing the game longer then a few months


            • #7
              Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
              well they can lower the sign up for castle wars 5 mill guild wealth is far too much for small guilds


              world boss ave the afternoon world boss reintroduced so we get 3 world bosses per day like in the old days
              castle wars not worth that wealth spent for sign up


              • #8
                Here is my opinion of patch:

       kick one good thing (tanks) and get the worst posible stuff in that place (castle wars) and that is BIG MINUS
                2. bounty from zero and every day get only 1lvl+ is the worst thing here cuz 99% ppl was on lvl 90-100 and now for that lvl need 90-100 days to get there BIG MINUS
                3.thing you did with new NPC ok good is you get stuff from outland finaly but you make mess with things like signet, dreamland and lord trials for that was beetter when we had icons on top screen but its OK
                4. world boss that is idk more and less same only more time need it to do but everyone get devo and that is good and lot like old you late 5 sec and boss is dead only thing that cap need to be little better like 15m max 20m gold/ daru but that is OK
                5.weekly devo was only nice thing here but you can change little rewards for daily devo rewards that will be nice too but all that is GOOD
                that is with stuff we get but where is stuff we not get and was in test servers like gacha or something like that? and other stuff


                • #9
                  I will give you my opinion but not even sure why I bother, probably the same reason not alot of others bother anymore as well, devs just don't seem to listen or just not getting the memo. One perfect example is castle wars. It has a format similar to hero's trial. When hero's trial first came out, many people complained about it. So they add another event that is similar and just as bad if not worse rewards wise, at least for high level players. If no one cared for hero's trial, why add another event like it? Is something getting lost in translation when someone sends suggestions to the devs or are they just not getting the memo at all?

                  1. World boss, so they finally make a change after all this time. Added a shield for 5 minutes which gives everyone a chance to enter world boss and get devotion for it. They also added more hp to it, which in the past when people said to up the hp, they said it was at the limit of flash which I didn't think was true and now we got proof. They just didn't want to change it for whatever reason. So those are good things and would have been just fine like that but they just had to add a reward limit per round. Why do we need the limit? It's not like it will hurt the smaller players since it can't be killed for 5 minutes. Remove this reward limit and world boss will be just fine but guess we will have to wait another 2 years or more for this to happen.

                  2. Eud patrol, we can finally use willpowers on patrol once towers are level 10. Great, we have been suggesting this for a long time as well. But one issue, a willpower can only meet one requirement. Why? Can someone explain this? Kind of same deal with world boss, we build our toons up, get them stronger, add more stats but we are limited to what we can do. A willpower should be able to meet all requirements. The new explore feature is nice but one issue with that is we will get blood 99% of the time. I understand resetting bounty targets to level 1 but why only have them go up one level a day? Before they would go up 2 or 3 levels or maybe more a day.

                  3. Titan city in outlands, after all this time of players suggesting to move titan temple, abyss, time portal out of outlands, it has finally been done, about damn time. But why did lord's trial, signet, fashion and riders box, dreamland be removed from the top row of icons? IMO, there was nothing wrong with them up there except maybe remove the swirlies around the icons.


                  • #10
                    (1) Really sad to see tanks go, and the feeling here is it's more that the devs couldn't fix lag and crashing issues for the event than anything else. Considering that returning players need several tethers to get them back into the game, the loss of tanks as one of the very early events in the game is a problem. Personally, having a level 100 tank, that took me a long time to earn, I feel like you stole away from me a big piece of the effort I put in, and wonder what will be next...which, of course, makes me (and others, I'm sure,) wonder why someone would SPEND on this game if anything bought is also in peril. Bad move to lose tanks.

                    (2) World Boss is a definite improvement. I was wondering if I was seeing a reward limit, and that seems to be confirmed by other comments in this thread. I'm not yet sure if that's such a horrible thing. I don't hear any negative comments at this point, and there's a definite sense of relief that the devs actually tried to fix an event. I think the jury is still out on some of the details, but this is improved.

                    (3) As others here are saying, Castle Wars aren't worth the signup costs. Actually, I'd ask why there should be any. If you don't want every inactive or one-person guild playing it, perhaps put a guild threshold of something like 10,000,000 guild battle rating in place, plus a minimum of 3 active players, and signup becomes automatic from there. I think many are still trying to figure the event out. Personally, I'd rather see the original guild battle back, with a fix on tower HP just like the one in place now on World Boss. (You can do that and still keep Castle Wars, too, y'know! At the same time, I'd also have to agree with others they didn't like the old GB because some players insisted on spawn camping and the like, so it's hard to please everyone.)

                    (4) Lag and crashes still abound. On Internet Explorer, they're worse than ever, and on a good day I crash out 3 or 4 times. Yes, I rotate among several browsers. But, you still haven't really addressed lag, and it's been getting worse again for some time. It's a frequent topic of discussion, and a turn-off for all players. If you want players to return, fix the lag, and keep it fixed. Don't test on an internal station, because none of us real world players plays on your internal machines.

                    (5) Eud Patrol bounties are a problem. I've had the levels on mine re-start at level 1 twice already. That doesn't sound like it's been mentioned above, so I don't know if that's a bug particular to me, a feature, or something else. The other eventual problem is when we do get back to some level that pays out better, the old system worked better for me exactly because I seemed to get some levels I could conquer, others I couldn't, but it would let me get some bounties on any given day. Not knowing how this will play out, but if we eventually get back to the levels we'd accumulated earlier, will we then be stuck not getting bounties on many days because we've effectively leveled beyond out ability to conquer new levels? If we then can't get rewards until we get stronger...well, fine, the game is supposed to challenge us...but, the reward in that event for success is diminished payout. And, for the moment, the payout is smaller because we've been started over at level 1. (And I keep getting set back there!) I don't have any problem with putting bounties and patrols on the same screen, but the bounty system itself seems very badly flawed.

                    (6) Weekly devo bonuses have some promise.

                    (7) Get rid of city plunders. I don't know why you didn't do that on this patch or previous. It's a source of player friction and it's not war, it's theft by bullies. The game is Wartune, not Thieftune. This doesn't belong, and I won't bother with the long litany of sound reasons for it here, nor the list of disenchanted players, some of whom left the game over this issue and won't return until it's gone. The strongest players don't need its top reward of 800K gold per success, and it's just about sending a message that isn't a fit one for the reputation of what is supposed to be a fun game. Kill city plunders ASAP.

                    (8) While you've removed the Lord's Trial icon at the top of the screen, moving that cluster of events to the disused left side of the Cloud City window was...interesting. You also seem to be allowing non-flying mounts to get there as if flying from the Eudaemon area...though that doesn't work elsewhere in Cloud City. So, it's like an invisible bridge. Perhaps that's slightly confusing, but not harmful. Interesting. Getting used to it.

                    (9) It's still too easy to completely miss events like Game Box. It might be a nice add to daily devo. Perhaps put astrals back there, too. For those trying for 300 devo in a day, having a little more slack in the system isn't a bad thing. (Again, take out the city plunder. Removing that 5 devo is good, when you have other things you can use to replace it and then some.) I don't want 300 devo to be too easy to get, but there's enough to do in the game, and it should be used. If the devo screen helps remind us of some of those things, rather than have them become disused, that's constructive. Devo for game box, astrals, and similar situations, is probably a good thing, don't you think?

                    (10) We still have a ticket system that makes it tough for players. If I file a ticket and you sit on it for two weeks, it gets auto-closed with a canned answer. If I reply, I get another canned answer telling ME to be more patient when it's YOU who closed the ticket in the first place, unworked and unresolved, as if I've been the source of the problem. There's also missing a link that lists our current open tickets as well as ticket history. I want this stuff. In helping to run a guild, I also basically try to coordinate the issues of many and consolidate into one central ticket, where possible. It helps you folks to know what the issues are, to get a central contact, and for all of us to be able to easily keep track of all the things going on. Updates, too, are good, when there's new info on an issue. I've also been taken to task for adding more to a ticket after initially opening it when there's new info that really needs to be added. That makes no sense. So, overall, I think you need to overhaul the ticket system, and support needs to simply respect when a player comes in providing free info to help improve YOUR game. As I've done support using such systems professionally, I have a clue what I'm talking about, and have seen how it should work. When you let a system linger that all but insults your players for trying to be part of the solution (instead of part of the problem), and acts the way this one acts, the loud and clear message to all players who use it is "WE DON'T NEED YOU, GO AWAY." You really need to do better than that, and patch 7.8, again, missed this opportunity so far.

                    (11) The toggling of icon pages at the top of the screen is still a pain, though you obviously tried to do something to address it. While still getting used to it, I guess it might be a slight improvement. That said, I see icons rearrange themselves during the day, dependent on events going on, &c. In my opinion, when you have Online Rewards, they should always be on the first page. Knowing that you have several vendors (thinking here of Armorgames) with diminished default screens only showing 10 of those icons at a time, that means Online Rewards, when running, should always be among the first 10 icons at the top. Why? It should always be there as a reminder in-screen to keep track of it. Otherwise, you're burying an icon with a clock and hiding it so it won't be used. That's inconvenient. World Boss, Outlands, perhaps Game Box should also be among the first 10. MP Dungeon?...not so much. Icons for spendy events, sorry, that's a space killer and I don't need fact, if it's purely about spend, make one icon, let that icon open a central screen for those events with links to each, and the consolidation will remove a lot of the ridiculous congestion that's killing us all. Don't worry, the spenders will still find it. They always do.

                    (12) Some of the new denizens of Cloud City, like Waldorf for the Time Portal, are placed directly on the daily "Gifts" and make each harder to select. Could you perhaps find better placement for those things that doesn't actually make it harder to run the event and collect packages in Cloud City?

                    (13) Dreamland is certainly better as an icon at the top, rather than something traveled to and entered in Cloud City. This change is a mistake.

                    (14) I'm thinking farm plundering is as unhelpful as city plundering. You should give us back a log on the farms, but only a log of plunders. It'll take up much less room (so hopefully doesn't kill us on lag so much), and help us each tell apart friends and fiends. I want a friend list, not a plunder list. Again, it's not Thieftune...but you sometimes make it seem that way. Fix this one.

                    Probably a lot more to say, but going to stop here for the moment. Still discovering the new game a bit.


                    • #11
                      its simple tomuch to for the working man woman to do in a working day


                      • #12
                        Tipped the bottle last night when I wrote that short bit. However, allow me to fully elaborate (if you're just getting in):

                        For years, and with every patch since 5.1, it always has been this "one step forward (yay), three steps backwards (boo)" approach. You make an enticing update that will get everyone in anticipation for its release, and then snipe the hopes by throwing in the stuff that is not even written in black and white (cookie cutter guide/patch notes), killing it each time around.

                        My first question would be, where in the hell are you getting your ideas from? I am kind of curious, as well as many others who are in the same boat with me. Before you can even respond with ChinoTune (I was going to call it the other name, but it might be derogatory and racist, so I am going to put emotion to the side on this; you probably know since it also has five letters as well), I am going to say this: none of us play that version! The only one thing I saw that was addressed was the WB issue, which I will detail in a bit. "How did you know?" you would ask me. It's simple when you give someone a cookie cutter sheet of a post and forgot to translate the images as well as the text, you know it had to come from some place other than our own. A tip to you: foreigners (mostly US and Euro folks) have the better ideas on how to improve the game; maybe you should start listening to them since you can't design jack from ****. Another tip: start reading the suggestions on this portal host (I don't think no other platform had a forum page for players to voice their issues and suggestions, and I don't think social media is working well for the Wartune titles as most of the time I had seen harsh comments from people as well).

                        My second question to you would be, what is your "logic" behind such things? I ask of this because you skimp out of rewards by giving minimal and sometimes mediocre junk as well as trying to put a limit on the WRONG things, like shop purchases. Your events sucked ****, after you removed the clothing shards from the malicious (I don't believe in this thing called luck) exchange. These two bits are the reasons why I don't participate in events or attempt to develop because I don't believe in one-sies or short sales; I believe if I have the currency, I can buy as much as I need to develop before I run out (and that would be on me); I don't need some daffy logic to regulate on how much I should spend; I mean, this is why I am not with my parents if you catch my drift.

                        My third question is for the numbnuts designers in your outfit, why does everything have to be cross platform? PVP, PVE, just about everything in Wartune is cross platform. Some of us do not like the idea because it's a major hindrance since no one can compete to get items to develop their characters; not only that, but in order for someone to actually communicate with you and coordinate things from a different platform, you have to travel to their site, register for an account, create a character in that target server, and mingle with the crowd. To me, it's a waste of effort and time. I know I had been cross platforming but that doesn't mean it has to be a requirement. More will come much later.

                        Now that those three are clear and present, allow me to give my feedback to this so-called cockamamie patch you try to entice us with:

                        World Boss. A big thumbs up for making it last 5:01+ (depending on the server one is on; older servers are faster than the much newer released servers on the basis of how developed and strong a server cluster is). We've been debating about this for over a year to include having a few fire fights along the way. Don't break out the bubbly yet, though. You killed this part by including a bug (a wrench if you want to call it) in the form of a limit/cap for obtaining gold and daru. You're going to tell me, "it's intended", and I am going to go "well, I don't see it in the guide/patch notes, so it's an anomaly in not only my eyes but of every player out there"; basically, your statement doesn't count in our books. Suggestion, remove the said limits, and everyone will go home happy; especially the ones who had worked hard on their character, either by paying or not, that had been cheated out of their hard work by this anomaly.

                        Tanks Removal/Castle Wars. You took out a great event that many people would have fun in since it was inter-server (within one's cluster) and put in a stupid one that requires a guild leader to spend 5 million wealth to register so folks can duke it out with another guild in pure altar style. Now, where did I see this before? Oh, that's right, WE GOT THOSE ALREADY!!! It's a waste in my opinion. The real insult comes when "random" and "luck" are in the same event which translates to "you're not getting ****". Suggestion, improve it (rewards and putting it on the inter-server level, not cross platform) or remove it (majority of the players' emphasis sits on this).

                        Titan World/Outlands Contest Separation. A big thanks for making this bit happen. However, did it also justify the removal of nearly everything else from the icon board as well? If I was a programmer and someone asks me to separate the two, I would try to find the subroutines for both, re-route the links, possibly remove the "guild leader require to sign" part, and let it run on its own. All this without removing the icons from the bar or creating extra NPCs for people to walk to.

                        Icon Board/Packages/NPC Placement. As with the previous, I am going to go into detail here. I don't mind you giving NPCs a job (was sad sometimes in seeing a few just standing around with no task), but I do mind on how they are placed. None of you have even played the game. I say this because if one did, they would have gotten an idea on where the packages (event things that we go around Cloud City to click and collect) are at so they won't have a placement conflict when they put said NPCs in. Some of the icons that were removed should have remained since people can go from their city to do whatever is needed; now, we have to walk to everything (without a mount that flies, this can take a long time). Suggestion, put back the icons.

                        I haven't played anything else because I just gave up; there is really no point to go further.

                        And now, it's time for the suggestions from this old man to the world (by order of precedence):

                        Icon Placement: As with many, I am going to suggest that the icons are ordered in terms of importance. Icon 1 should be the Online Time event. Icon 2 should be the Log-In Rewards event. Icon 3 should be the Malicious (I refuse to call it Lucky) Exchange. Icon 4 should be the Hot Events panel. That's group 1 assigned. Group 2, icons 5 and whatever how many, should be reserved for daily events like World Boss, PVP events, etc. (an example, since I am not in the game anymore: World Boss, Battle Ground, Group Arena, Athena War, Ares War, Imperial War, Eud Domain, Venus War). Group 3 should be something like this: Cross MPD, Titan City stuff, Game Box stuff. The last group would be the Spender Gimmicks that no one gives a **** about. Yeah, that's a **** load of icons there. However, they should only come on (default is "off") at the time or day it happens, and should be one behind the other in a line. So if we are not on a day where Online Time isn't on, Log-In rewards should take the first spot and exchange should take the 2nd spot. If both OT/LI (icons 1 and 2) are not active (day wise), then icon 3 (exchange) should take spot 1 with everyone else that is active right behind it. There should be no reason why icons have to be jumpy all over the place. For you Chinese folks, think Abacus when designing.

                        Disabling/Removal of Glare Elements on Icons and Other Places. We want a setting to turn the swirlies off everything (icons and cross server chat). Two reasons: 1. It's not that important as we can just click on an icon when needed. 2. It creates a serious lag issue that we had to go in there to turn off manually or refresh our game (if someone used a cross server bullhorn). To be honest, we can read the chat text without the need for this added effect. 1 or 2 is alright, but when you have every icon doing it, it puts a damper on the game play.

                        Announcement Indication. Okay, I don't know how to word that one correctly, but after I tell of the situation, you will probably get the idea on what I am talking about. Each time I play WT, if I get something out of my mail, the Hot Events panel swirls. If I get something from the Malicious Exchange, the HEP swirls. Any time, I collect any item from anywhere (this includes harvesting in my farm), the HEP swirls. This has got to stop. The only time the HEP should swirl is IF WE HAVE THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF ITEMS FOR IT TO BE CHECKED. If I upgrade my sylph 500 times, it should light up letting me know that I have something waiting for me to grab. If I collect from my farm, it should not. You get what I am saying? Good, now make it happen.

                        Tasks Shouldn't Have To Be Cross Platform. I am sure there has been a great deal of folks complaining on such, so I am going to do the same. Titan related tasks and events should be only inter-server. Sky Trail should be inter-server. Dragon Chant should be inter-server. There shouldn't been a need for those to be at the cross platform level since not everyone's in the same range when it comes to communication (see previous on such). Things that could be Cross Platform should be Group Arenas, Venus War, Imperial War, Athena War, Eud Domain, and Ares War. Those are ones that we can show with others on how much we have become in terms of development. The rest should be either cross server (within our platform/domain which is R2) or inter-server (within our cluster) only.

                        Put The Farm Window Back Inside Homestead. I want this because inside the homestead, it is the least amount of lag possible while tending/clicking on my own farm as well as taking care of my friends' farms as well. Some numbnuts thought it was nice to put it out in the main city that has the swirls (each time I pick up a harvest or do an animal; also kind of retarded to seeing the collection icon flash back and forth on the homestead in the city if I am in my farm) and clicking on it takes a long time. If your gimmick was to get me to buy a spirit covenant so I can harvest all, you might as well make it buyable with bound balens as I won't spend a cent for this kind of stupidity.

                        City Plunders (??). I am not one to complain for such; in fact, I welcome the person to try their greedy luck on one of my units so their entire guild will be locked on. I got nothing to lose other than 4 million per torp and 10 (every 2 hours) hours of wait from a person. However, if one must take this out, then so be it. I am fine either way; and I get a laugh.

                        One Analytic Item Please. This is in the performance department. Most of my SpyBot S&D scans revealed over 3000-5000 *.sol files come from R2 and Wartune. Each one is classified as a "tracking cookie". If you have to use over 3-5k files just to track if a person plays, you're doing it all wrong. So many files are constantly pumped out from the server side to the player's computer. And without a real cache, this becomes a problem. This is why we get the re-load pixels each time we go somewhere. You should have 1 *.sol file tagged to a basic clothing or character (if you want to be simple) so you can get your data. If we try to disable javascript (and this analytic), we won't play the game until we enable it. Fix it.

                        Before my fingers fall off, I am going to stop for the moment. I am sure there will be others I can come up with, but it's going to be a laughing fest if these suggestions (not only from me but from others as well) or feedback are not heeded at all.
                        Vicious! Approach with Caution!
                        Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
                        Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
                        Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


                        • #13
                          The good. They moved stuff not related to time portal out of time portal. The new devotion panel and prizes are nice.
                          The bad... and it's a doozie. THEY NERFED everything about Edo bounty.patrol. That is worthless now.


                          • #14
                            1. Castle Wars - A large wave of monsters are attacking our guild. Fight them and defend our castle. There shall be a great feast if we win this war!
                            2. Eudaemon and Willpower Patrol & Bounty - Based on player feedback, Willpower officially enters the field of Eudaemon Patrol and Bounty. The old Eudaemon Patrol feature will be combined with the Eudaemon Bounty to welcome the joining of Willpower!
                            3. World BOSS optimization: The World BOSSES acquire a damage absorption shield that lasts 5 minutes. Want to know what happens? Just go fight the BOSSES!
                            4. Devotion panel optimization: Based on player feedback, reward information is added on the devotion panel.
                            5. Fixed the displacement issue with some Mounts.
                            6. Optimized the display rules for the top icons.

                            1) castle wars: i like it better then tanks but it feels like it could be so much better with some extra work.
                            2) Eudaemon and Willpower Patrol & Bounty: it would have been good if our bounty progression wasn't reset to lvl 1
                            3)World BOSS optimization: now this is a flat out NERF. remove the cap on gold/daru per round and this may become a good addition.
                            4) Devotion panel optimization: never cared about devo before and still don't. rewards suck
                            5) Fixed the displacement issue with some Mounts: THANK YOU i can ride dragonsnake again
                            6) Optimized the display rules for the top icons: prefered old way as now have to run to the lord trail and that instead of accessing from top panel.

                            1) remove ALL ares skills. make it toon vs toon without aids like those skills.
                            2) hero trial please make it so we fight ourselves and not the game AI (AI can't think like us)
                            3) remove shop limits or increase them by a lot e.g outlands shop lift smelt stones from 20 per day to unlimited or 2000
                            4) archaeology please update it to contain new mats like smelt, cast, holy sword, willpower, etc
                            5) lift clothing level past lvl 200 with higher stat increases
                            Server: R2Games S230 Cross Chasm (Oceanic)
                            Guild: Sicario


                            • #15
                              I should add one more missed opportunity with this important one.

                              Eudaemon Domain groups by Battle Rating for the total toon, not at all for Eudaemons. So, strip off the Eud & the sylph, cheat the system, register as something you're not. Bad form.

                              Worse is that the "official" ruling is that's legal and not a cheat.

                              What about fixing it so you set the Eudaemons you're going to fight with when you register for the event, and their BR and only their BR is used to group things.

                              Beyond that, perhaps changing it from a daily registration? If you build up your eud's BR during the week, fine. But, it's painful to have to register in the less-than-25% of the day you allow, and too easy to forget. It penalizes many who have a life and can't reliably get in during that time frame though might be available the following day.