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Mei's Dive Into The World of Wartune...

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  • Mei's Dive Into The World of Wartune...

    Thought I would give it a spin as I had done earlier with my mobile device and a solo unit. Still, it handles like a school bus when it comes to loading of the locations (even after the completion of MPDs), but I decided to dive into Spire (since it's like the nearest thing to test with just one character).

    Not going to lie, but somehow I had a feeling that the sprite problem has cleared itself up as each death made the one disappear and a new opponent appear. I have yet to test across a bigger testing ground (i.e., my modules) to see how it fares in performance. If it comes to such that it is satisfactorily fixed, then I would implore the devs to keep whatever it was they had going.

    The bigger test will occur on Saturday, July 7th, 2018 possibly in the afternoon hours of the Western Server. Hopefully, this will be one I can write off as being done and over with, but I won't hold my breath on it.
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