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remove dryed mobs from BG or reduce from 8 dryed to 1 or 2

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  • remove dryed mobs from BG or reduce from 8 dryed to 1 or 2

    with new BG we get only bad stuff like 10 mobs on map who give alot dryed and big map and cuz of that alot ppl not play anymore bg (idk why i still play it but ok) i hope soon will something change there now in all day you cant get one full bg better say not have chance to get 10 on 10 bg most of bg-s are 3vs3 the best 5on5 (i talk about EU servers) and its sucks. Most of ppl who play before are not play now and we get new ppl who start to play better known like dryed kids who hunt mobs for 5 min to get 50+ or 100 dryed to kill someone who have 10m-20m+ br so i see no point to make your br better then 20m-30m now if is all play like that for all stuff you can do with that br easy and for bg you will collect dryeds like crazy for 5-10 min to make 1 kill. realy you kill point of bg with to big map and to much mobs who give to much dryeds and i hope you will or remove those mobs or reduce dryeds they give to some normal 1 or 2 cuz this way more and more ppl left bg till no one stay to play it.
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