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  • Zodiac Palace

    So I just cleared ALL 12 Palaces on Zodiac Palace. 1st time and never used balens to refill the blue stuff. Anyways guess what the reward was? 76 Engrave stones! That's it! No flipping pennant, No title. Just engrave stones. Now I know that going all the way through all 12 is not worth it! I mean really devs? For the final Palace Chest it should be better than this! How about Ascension Stones and Purple Pennant or red pennants. Considering the palace resets back 1 level daily, you have 14hrs to complete 1 palace, each level increases the amount of celestia you need, only unbound balens can be used to refill your celestia. The final rewards definitely need to be increased to a much better quality. I get more engrave stones than pennants from clearing each palace. BTW a total of 7 pennants and 998 engrave stone. Not good planning by my opinion.
    Completed Zodiac Palace
    Mage Lvl.80:
    106,802,118 Normal Mode
    101,629,274 Dragon Mode
    Server: S551 GlassMines
    Guild: Spartans
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    on reset in worsted case scenario you go back 3 lvl's
    you Finnished level but no more energy to start with the new before going offline before reset Bamm 1 level for reset bamm 1 level cause you did not start the new level yet then the 14hr clock start to come in play as well ...... if you not on before the 14 hr are over after you sign off Bamm there goes your third level... Of course this is most unlikely that all 3 points happen but possible .
    Best scenario you lose 1 level on reset;
    Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill/gamerocks now temporarily R2(we hope)
    Server : S122 US-East
    Guild : Fenix
    Class : Mage
    IGN : Theonlyghost