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  • gods marks

    since wartopia is not a weekly event cant the devs make it so the gods marks not expire after a week how about letting players hold on to the gods marks until we are ready to use them considering the price it takes to trade for items it seems to stand that we the players should be allowed to be able to use the gods marks when we have enough to trade for the items we want so therefor please make the gods marks not expire after a week make them permanent and it would be better if wartopia is moved to a Tuesday as we have plenty to do during Thursday thru sunday with all the other events running

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    They do it on Sunday cause according to them that time is 'Prime time' with players online .... what they forget is a lot of those players trying to do there last weekly stuff ..and of course postgrab and Hero Trial in same time as that crapotia.. secondly there server storage data centers can not even comprehend all the players why you think there so much problems already with it .....

    Then there is the players who can not do it on that time who thought at least they would get server rewards...... but nope ...its only for players who did indeed went in event......

    Until they can get there data centers so far upgraded to the modern era that the problems when doing a 3x server (grouping of loads of servers) are over they better keep this off hidden in there vault of failures.
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