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lucky exchange

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  • lucky exchange

    nice the same mounts as a while back

  • #2
    I dont understand some people who finds reason to complain about it,oh no same mounts. Be happy that this event is on again its a great way to get beast souls,but yet someone always finds something to complain about.


    • #3
      yup if they keep repeating to put in same old *** over and over as they like to do with everything


      • #4
        Dont collect it then if youre not satisfied with gift piles and wait for lame ones which will come in few weeks. Or even better suggest in ticket to remove these gift piles,crybaby.


        • #5
          im not typing about the gift piles dummy im typing about the mounts they have put in they like to repeat them self putting in same old every other time switching between 2 sets xD


          • #6
            Not every event is meant for every player. Many of the newer or smaller players need this event, even if it is the same mounts as a few weeks ago. They can exchange and get Beast Souls that they can use for mounts they don't have. I would bet they are happy to collect the piles and exchange them. It's like hot events that you have played long enough to not need, but other players are still needing.


            • #7
              mount shop is rubish one mount in 3 months orso (last 2 weeks lucky with1)