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merger and worldboss

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  • merger and worldboss

    ok the first WB after merger was a disaster, i am from server 73 the highest lv was 60 and server was balanced now we merge with 2 other servers with all there lv 60+ whats the benefits for us in that, the WB was killed in under 4 mins most players just berely made it to .4% so all that means is less gold and daru for us, if a merge was necessary why not merge us with a server with similar strength, alot is gonna stop playing or switch now, very bad idea

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    not only in boss lol,but everything change ,arena,wild,GB,BG and even some guy left theyre friends for be friend with lvl60+


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      i agree^^ similar lvls for server merges AND when they do merge to deal wit all the extra players at 1 WB make sure to adjust the HP accordingly plz