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S30 almost dead -- pls give us a real merge!

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  • S30 almost dead -- pls give us a real merge!

    Many of our east coast R2 servers are in desperate shape right now. S30 has not had a merge since 2016 and we are almost dead. if we can't merge, can you at least give our few active players the choice to port their existing toon to a server that is not dead? i don't want to start a new toon. i just want to play in an environment where there are other players, not a bunch of alts struggling to get guild devo.

    The game overall had huge server merges about a month or so ago. East Coast was the only one not part of that merge. East Coast Kabam has gotten some merges since then. But nothing for us. I've been begging for months, when it was just bad. Now it's at a critical level. Please give us a real merge with active, established players. We desperately need it.

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    Good luck getting r2 to give your server a merge we also have been waiting years for another merge since the last time we had one they only merge the same servers over and over again and skip the ones that really need one


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      devs dont like merging old servers they rather want u to move to a new server start from lv0 and start spending again hahahaha


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        not gonna happen.... especially if i watch my server die.