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server merge

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  • server merge

    seems stupid to have to buy bullhorns to speak on own server. R2 must have a think tank on how to rob players.

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    whats bullhorns goto do with server merges


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      Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
      whats bullhorns goto do with server merges
      yae what got server merge to do with bullhorn for own server why need bull horn for own server you can scream in current and world chat to.....
      Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill/gamerocks now temporarily R2(we hope)
      Server : S122 US-East
      Guild : Fenix
      Class : Mage
      IGN : Theonlyghost


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        I am guessing that he just got a merge and talking alot more than normal in world chat due to merge since you only can speak 10 times for free, after that you need to spend bb's to buy bullhorns to speak in wc. But why not just use current chat