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Mount Shop and Beast Souls

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  • Mount Shop and Beast Souls

    I was wondering if more mounts will be added to the mount shop? I have all that are available in the mount shop ( spending the 2000 balens refreshing the mounts does nothing) and the riders chest just gives me more mounts that I already have which only convert to more beast souls I cannot use.

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    waste of 2k balens if you can see all mounts thats there to start with
    riders chest is a lucky shot on getting a mount you do not have he more mounts you already have the lower the rate will be for you to gain 1 just hunt for mines in dimensions and you gain bound balens enough to do a 10x click on the bound balen 1 of riders all free that way
    you can always sell the mounts if you worried about the amount of beast souls hihi there not in inventory (oops do not change that dev's) so there not really in the way
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