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Mage Survival talent skill

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  • Mage Survival talent skill

    i have a difficulty understanding this talent skill increase cooldown time for what skill and how many seconds? im curious cause it adds my healing power and a chance to gain rage anyone can help me about this skill?

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    Increase cooldown for restoration by 5 seconds.
    Increase healing for restoration by 20%
    Increase healing for blessed light by 20%
    Chance to give 10 rage when using blessed light.
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      i don't want to sound rude or anything but are you sure it increases healing of blessed light ( have you tested that yourself ) ?

      i simple ask because it doesn't say anywhere that increases heal amount of blessed light on talent

      also if it increases heal amount of blessed heal shouldn't it increase cooldown as well ?
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        its only for restore ... my BL still 60 sec cd
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          Originally posted by terayaki2 View Post
          its only for restore ... my BL still 60 sec cd
          Same here, BL still healing same with 60 sec CD.

          Resto is healing more and CD is now 20 sec
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            Same Restoration heals more, CD longer.. Blessed Light the same.. only difference is that with this talent now Restoration like Blessed Light can give rage.

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