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Changing the time of battle grounds for filipino gamers.

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  • Changing the time of battle grounds for filipino gamers.

    Good day. I Spero Scordillis M. Duya from the Europe S88 server would suggest to change the time settings of the battle ground. The Time of the battle ground here is 5:00 in the morning. So many other Filipino specially the ones that does not have a computer or laptop in the house. Mostly of us play in the Computer Shop and the time that the computer shop is open is 8:00 in the morning.If i wonder that you can change the battle ground about 8:00 in the morning.You know that there is no Phillipine server here and the battle ground is very important for us not only in our server but pertaining also to the other Filipino gamer in other Sever. Thank You! and GodBless!
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    As much as it would be helpful to players for R2 to change times, its easier for the players to move to other servers such as the US or Europe servers, because you would be able to get a player from level 1 to level 60 a lot faster than it would take to change server event times.

    I live in NZ but play on the US servers cos the times work out better for me
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      But were a ground of students playing in one guild. Were high level already. And if we change server will start over again.And others will stop playing about that.


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        There have been many threads about BG timings. I understood the difficulty. There is no such thing as a suitable time for everyone.

        There is GMT servers. If you find it hard to switch, I guess you have to stick it out.
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          you should play on oceanic server in the first place zzZZ

          -24 hour shops available
          -impossible to switch time so better go Oceanic
          -already donated $300 on EST server last server attended but i
          made up my mind to go oceanic server your reason is kinda
          me LMAO..
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            Aw. 5:00am. I understand that. But why did you choose a European server in the first place? I'm from Philippines too but I don't have any problem with BG. I play on US East server. The solution (I think) for this problem is to change server. I don't think R2games will/can change the BG time.
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              this comment can win this thread.