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Wartune Developer Feedback to Common Suggestions

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  • Wartune Developer Feedback to Common Suggestions

    Hello everyone. The developers have provided us with feedback on various suggestions. The following is their response to those suggestions.

    Suggestion #1: Lych's Road, Dimension, Cuties Expedition (Fight Boss) and other events take too much time. We suggest adding Blitz function in these events.
    Feedback: We already have a plan to improve this. Stay tuned for more news.

    Suggestion #2: We suggest adding The Spire (Hell), Holy Sword Temple (Nightmare & Hell) and increasing dungeon rewards.
    Feedback: We will make optimizations in the subsequent version.

    Suggestion #3: We suggest adding Magic Square (Nightmare) and Dungeon Roulette (Nightmare). And we want some new rewards. For example, Holy Dragon Soul and Holy Forge materials for Peerage Equipment can be obtained from Dungeon Roulette. More EXP, Mount Training Whip, Insignia, HP Divinity Soul, Eudaemon Diamond can be obtained from Magic Square.
    Feedback: We have adjusted the amount of the mentioned items in some events. There are no plans to change the rewards from Dungeons for now. Stay tuned to the official information.

    Suggestion #4: We want new Campaigns and Dungeons, like Demon Continent. And more rewards.
    Feedback: There will be new Dungeons and events in the next versions. Stay tuned to the official information.

    Suggestion #5: We have a very bad experience in Multi-player Arena due to lagging and Stunning. It would be better if the player's battle units could be sealed, just like in Demon Continent and Road to Revenge.
    Feedback: Thanks for your suggestion! We will optimize lag, Stunning and other issues in the Arena in the subsequent version.

    Suggestion #6: The latter part of Demon Continent is too difficult for us to challenge. How about giving us a chance to activate 1 sealed battle unit at some difficult levels.
    Feedback: No plans to change it for now. Demon Continent only seals 6 battle units right now, but player's Troops, Goddess, Cuties and Nemesis are available. We suggest the players improving these units' BR as well as the character's or Dragonchant's.

    Suggestion #7: We want to bring back the Training Events which can unlimitedly collect rewards in a day.
    Feedback: There are no plans to do it right now.

    Suggestion #8: We suggest adding Pennants in Lucky Exchange.
    Feedback: There are no plans to do it right now.

    Suggestion #9: We want the double attributes Eudaemon Diamond.
    Feedback: There are no plans to do it right now.

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    We suggest adding Pennants in Lucky Exchange. how about we suggest to put an Pennant Ascension Stone in Zodiac palace as rewards too.


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      thats right. zodiac palace must optimized too like v.2.0


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        Multi-player Arena is very hard to do when you started in a new server, likes when u are lvl 50 and take lvl 80 knighted on arena, makes it difficult to get to the golden group, because we always. lose. It should have a division equal to the bg
        Platform: R2Games
        Server: 905 - Reef of Cracks
        Camper Lvl: 32
        BR: 45809


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          like the ideas of blitzes and new dungeons


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            we suggest that adding replacing castle war with something better. we suggest adding a cross server guild battle with rewards like pennant ascension stones goddess scrolls and ancient stones of judgement . we suggest adding better items to gift piles the current items can be found everywhere . we suggest adding new lucky exchanges the current 4 need a few new ones to rotate with , we suggest adding a chest exchange of 999 to each event change as there are times players might want to trade for items they need . we suggest adding vip tickets to shop so we can get then when we want without having to wait for them to show up. we suggest special events for christmas new years halloween and thanksgiving that dont require players to have to spend to do them all a mixture of spending and none spending special events


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              Suggest that server merges should take place more often. I am on 896 and the server is dying on its feet. There are literally about 20 actives playing now. The guy in our guild who has done kh has noone to do anything with. They regularly open new EU servers, but do nothing about the older ones. Please EU server merge for us soon!!


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                It's about server merges the EU server should merge very often since my server 896 is dying and there is no merge in recent Pls kindly merge the server ASAP. Since there was the thread regarding 896 and 901 merge last week but it didn't happened Kindly merge our server.


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                  Just want say what long time saw when dragonchant system be realease people start complaining,people don t let win battleground and don t give easy rift that make most people left serve .So if want keep people in game try do something for people get chanses all get easy dragonchant talismans or soon can closed this game .Serve mage not solution fixed problem if you play and read what rude and bad words people write in battleground for don t get winner team unlocked dragonchant i don t think you liked play any more in battleground.


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                    1) Battlegrounds:
                    Increase points from 5K to 10K. BG ended in 15 minutes because players are taking towers.

                    2) Smelt Stone:
                    Lucky exchange - Increase quantity rewards
                    Arena Shop - Lower exchange rate from 300 insignia to 30

                    3) Polish Orb and Slyph Soul Orb:
                    Lucky exchange - Increase quantity rewards

                    4) First Week Hot Events exchange - Increase from 99 to 999
                    Only Second Week Hot Events gives 999 Exchange

                    5) Cuties:
                    Allow all cuties to select their own specialty (accessory) or customize specialty. Players are having a problem with stun nowadays. We need stun resistance specialty.
                    Noticed selected cuties can acquire stun resistance specialty (accessory). Hoping all cuties can acquire such specialty.


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                      I'm wondering why the eudaemon domain bad matching is not mentionned in here, it's the most common and frustrating issue we have right now. when a player without any willpower faces another with 4, or when the BR is way too high
                      You need to fix the matching in eudaemon domain, or set more precautions to prevent players from cheating to get into low br match.
                      Another suggestion: please try to make zodiac palace relevant , like it would drop different but essential items when reaching Libra + stages ( a chance of purple pennant or at least asencsion stones that you made the hardest thing to obtain even for cashers)


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                        You can give options for arena to 5 attempts only (rewards are x3). At the beggining players have option do 15 attempt or do 5 attempts. Cause i personally dont have time to spend 45min in arena because of the idiots who waste time that they know they will loose in advance and still shield, heal, stun etc.


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                          Where is the new non-Flash client? The developers have said under Daily Check-in, but there is nothing there to log in. Also, the mini client login rewards on merged server 896 and others are not working. How do we get them and the new client?


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                            can something be done with the clothing level cap? its annoying getting 5 pages of cloth pieces to be fed to an already maxed clothing level. can the cap (of level 200) be either raised or allow us to have a chance at unlocking a cloth piece we didn't acquire yet?
                            ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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                              Originally posted by Carassimira View Post
                              can something be done with the clothing level cap? its annoying getting 5 pages of cloth pieces to be fed to an already maxed clothing level. can the cap (of level 200) be either raised or allow us to have a chance at unlocking a cloth piece we didn't acquire yet?
                              or recykle to clothing shards the old clothes that we cant do anything whit?
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