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SaphiraDen - fellow guildies please post if you see this!

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  • SaphiraDen - fellow guildies please post if you see this!

    Hi fellow guildies,

    Please post in this thread or PM me directly, we need to gather somehow lol.

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    Please be advised that the Private Messaging system has been broken for months. While you can receive messages, you can't reply to that message. You can try to send a new private message to reply to one you received, and disregard the json error that will pop up, but there's other complications that might prevent sending someone a message at all that are unrelated to the issues with the PM system.

    Hopefully your guildies will reply to this thread, and you can organize another place to chat privately.
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    Some inboxes are broken, including mine. Please don't send me private messages at this time.

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      Hi MemoryLane,

      Thank you for the information.
      It is quite funny that not only is Wartune down for
      over 2 weeks, but this forum is as fast as a turtle and the PM system does not work properly.
      Oh well I am not blaming you MemoryLane, since you are not responsible for it.

      I am starting to wonder what are R2's priorities?
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