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Your world boss sucks big time!!!

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  • Your world boss sucks big time!!!

    After Selsmire Stronghold (S65) and Corftey Ravine (S69) world boss sucks big time, i cant get in more then 8 times, why dont you give more health to that animal lol, it doesnt worth the vouchers or time, so thats my 2 cents.

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    Totally agreed, using balens to revive I was able to fight him only 6 times...
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      I know man, its dieing to fast i had 250k gold ***...


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        A better title would "please increase the hp of wb", rather than the one you posted.
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          I know i did this so i get their attention, anyhow they never do what we ask so it is pointless to post it under any name, if they wouldnt be so occupied with how to get more money from us they would notice by them selfs that the boss is dieing to fast oh yeah i think what they up to, the world boss will have a new feature it will be called "prolong the bosses time with 5k balens".