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Solution for Battleground participation

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  • Solution for Battleground participation

    S21 The Forgotten Dune
    Level 71
    Elite Crusader

    Problem(s) :
    - Any number of players during a Battleground are AFK.
    - Players do not participate because of level difference.
    - Players do not participate because of honor loss.
    - Players do not participate because they are unable to progress.

    Description(s) :
    - Other than Guild Battle, the Battleground(s) event is the only way to gain honor in Wartune. Flaws in the Battleground, such as level difference, honor loss, and little rewards are the main factors for people not participating during the battle ground.

    First - Players at a level disadvantage, makes it increasingly hard to enjoy the event and perform well in the event. Very rarely does someone 5 levels below their attacker, Win the duel(Dryads excluded). Lower level players have no real defense against higher players. Example with dryads further down.

    Second - Players who have reached the rank of Crusader begin to lose honor when killed. In my opinion, this is the first wrong mechanic. Causing negative honor loss causes people to become disheartened and not want to participate in the event for fear of losing honor and making no real gains.

    Third - A piggyback to the second, if a player is an up and rising level 40+ they cant compete against people apx. 45+ or higher without a dryad buff. Which means, they would have to waste X amount of time, just to get a dryad % high enough to kill someone. Which then the same dryad goes away after they have killed someone. For a perfect example. Level 50 player is Crusader, gets killed by a level 60 player Crusader. Level 50 loses 25 honor(unsure on actual values). Gain 5% dryads. Same Level 50 gets killed by level 60 player Crusader, loses 25 honor. Gains 5% more. For the example, we'll say it takes them 15% dryads(3 deaths) to beat said level 60 and they gain 50 honor, but in total are still -25 honor behind due to losing 25 honor each death. Basically the level 50 would stay in the negative the entire match at that rate or make very little progress. The other option is to run carts the whole time, and hope not to be attacked. Each cart gives 1-3 honor points. You wont make much progress on that, even without being attacked.

    Solutions -

    First - Get rid of Honor Loss in Battlegrounds. This will keep people from becoming discouraged and possibly quit the game from issues above.

    Second - Add additional Honor rewarding quests/events throughout the day. This way there is not a single focus point for all honor. It will allow even lower level players to make gains. If this option is added, put maximum honor rewarded limits on Battlegrounds. That way Higher level players will not be motivated solely to kill lower level players over and over until they hit their daily max. Quests could be included with the daily devotion tasks, or additional tasks may be set up allotting XX Amounts of Honor per completion, up to a set amount. For instance, 10 objectives would reward 50 honor each, for a maximum of 500 honor from objectives per day.

    Third - Add additional objectives/incentives in Battleground. Similar to guild chamber, allow random resource spawns throughout the battleground(randomize the places if possible to prevent camping). Each resource would reward Honor and points, contributing to their teams total score. Also, increase the honor awarded for said resources, along with the carts. Ex. If max honor in a Battleground is 750, carts should be 5, 10, 15 Honor respectfully. Lower honor per kill across the board, in order to redistribute the focus. The intent is to battle for resources, with honor as a reward. The goal for this solution is to prevent Higher level players from completely dominating an event just because of level(longevity in the game), stats etc. It also makes every battle different and a toss-up.

    Fourth - Even for those people not satisfied with proposed changes, add an active honor bonus during the fight. This will prevent afking. Active honor bonus would be gained by either making 1 kill within 2 minutes, gathering 3 carts/resources within 2 minutes, or killing an enemy guardian within 2 minutes. Different ways to gain the bonus. In additon to the bonus, there would be an even further incentive not to afk. After 4 minutes of inactivity, you will receive a no honor reward debuff. This debuff can be removed by participating in the Battleground as normal. In order to prevent abuse, after the initial 4 minute warning debuff, any additional 4 minutes of inactivity results in being kicked from the battleground with a 5 minute deserter debuff.

    Fifth : In order to prevent a low level player from flying up the Honor charts. You could also put level requirements on certain Honor Ranks. Or adjust the maximum honor per day based on level. For example. Levels 1-40, max honor per day is 1500. 41+ is 3000. or somewhere along those lines.

    Final thoughts :

    So we all know Battleground can be either very easy(high level) or very painful(low level), tedious, repetitive, boring, etc. We know that currently the only way to gain honor is from Guild battles on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat and Battleground. The guild reward honor can be decent or next to nothing depending on what side your on. The goal is to bring back excitement to the Battleground and to make it a true battle for resources and not just a low level slaughter fest.

    The idea is to implement things that show balance and structure, so it is not easily abused or overtaken by just strong players, etc. These are ideas that seem to rebalance importance, give more variety and progression, even for lower levels. The intent for this post is to cover Feedback on issues currently and provide suggestions to make improvements to current issues. Thanks for the time you took to read this.

    S21 The Forgotten Dunes

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    Very nicely put Larve. I agree. This was was well thought out. I hope you get a reply.


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      I agree, I hope dev put an effort to fix this as soon as possible. No one want to participate in the battle anymore, fear of losing honors to higher levels.
      Lord Artux [KaiZeN]
      Server 21 The Forgotten Dune


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        Nice post. Well thought out. I hope r2 actually read it.


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          well thought,,,

          hope devs reading this,,,,
          I Don't give a damn about what other people do, they enjoy their life and SO DO I
          Don't you complain about something you don't have only because others have it !!!
          IF u want to CRITIZE other peoples, then you HAVE TO ACCEPT when other peoples critized yourself
          Please, enjoy your life before you are DEAD, because we live only ONCE !!!

          ZeraTul - S13


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            very good post...hope they will read it...


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              Nice post, very well thought out. I hope r2 reads it.


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                Baiscally you've condensed everything thats been said about honor and BG since the game began.
                Good work and I hope someone takes notice but I doubt any of the GM's will care.
                Fixing battlegrounds doesnt make them more money.
                Its alot like punishing hackers/exploiters.
                There is no money in it so why bother.


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                  Why so worry about lose honors you can get them to is only a game you should have fun if you start think what you can lose and stay afk you dont need to joine battel ground and lets other people take you spot instent.
                  Character - Taggen
                  Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
                  Class - Archer
                  Battle Rating -2.4M BR
                  Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
                  Highest CW ranking - 26th


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                    I hate to be the dissenting opinion, but getting rid of honor loss sets up new annoyances. Also, people who have spent considerably stand to lose quite a bit here (e.g.: VIP 9).

                    CSBG with 10 level divisions 10 times per day (2 maximum entries) is coming. This renders most of the above moot.


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                      I still think the AFk issue suggestion would solve some of the problems and make some of the bgs more of a challenge. I hate being on the losing team just because I have 11 AFKers... Bravo.
                      [S4 - Bretheran Abyss]
                      IGN: Lyone
                      Level: 74
                      Class: Mage
                      Guild: Apocolypse


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                        I guess I could have mentioned that I am level 9 VIP, so I dont lose honor. But I would rather have more active people playing the game, than myself losing 0 honor from a kill. They could change what lvl 9 VIP does easily.

                        The point is to get participation back to what it should be on servers. People quit the game for a variety of reasons. Granted, I do not have a survey or poll for those people to say what their reason was for quitting, but I can guarantee that honor is on their list. If your not a high level, you dont gain honor right now period, or if you do it is very little.

                        Im not trying to change the status quo and make high levels at a disadvantage. Im trying to suggest ideas to make a unified system, to where 1 particular piece doesnt overpower the next, ex. High levels dominating lower levels in battleground,

                        I appreciate the opinions and responses thus far everyone.



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                          No worries, Larva. =)

                          They've already considered AFKers and there will be a timer of sorts that will mostly prevent this (although those crafty CHNers have worked their way around this already).

                          I also love people going AFK. It's pretty east to see why.

                          I just don't understand why all the complaining when a future patch will nullify what players have identified as an issue.

                          It's mostly moot at this stage.


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                            i think that R21559328 is absolutly right about this and has given r2games the way to do it.... i also feel he is right because this is a game and like any game agree or disagree i don't care; in any game if you are not haveing fun throughout the entire game you will probably quit playing the game and knowing it is not fun for you to play you more than likely will not continue to play the game or want to play the game in the future.

                            and as far as r2games not doing anything about it or the gm's not doing anything about it because it doesn't make them money fixing it... think of this if noone wants to play because it is no longer any fun then " NOONE IS PAYING " and r2games and the gm's aren't makeing any money so do the math.

                            have fun and enjoy what your doing because if your not your not living!!!!


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                              I'm guessing I must have missed an annoucement from R2 about making these changes your talking about. If your taking a queue from the chinese servers, well its not entirely certain that those changes will be implemented here.

                              Again, unless I missed an official post from R2 about future content updates/fixes, then these are just the suggestions I've come up with. Whether it gets noticed or not, well thats up to R2 games research/development.