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WARTUNE should have a......

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  • WARTUNE should have a......

    i think the game should have a lotto that people get tickets and win new weapons and armor and gold just an idea leave a comment if you think so to thankies ^_^

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    Great so it would just like real life.. buy a ticket... win nada.

    Yeah, he's SOOOOOOO romantic

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      we have a lot, vip wheel. Same chances as lotery to get some great stuff


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        Originally posted by R23021573 View Post
        we have a lot, vip wheel. Same chances as lotery to get some great stuff
        That is a joke right? I have better chances to win the lottery than I do at getting a lvl 6 and above gem or soul crystals on the VIP wheel.
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          Dem Level 7 gem's are so teasing on the ViP wheel, its really rigged though i get same stuff, but its good stuff
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            we had the real lotto
            Just pray you had luck when resetting it and lvl 7 gem pop up.
            Somone already get it, so, it's legit
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              Ruise is correct.