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  • Enhanced Guardian Angel Astral

    I pulled an enhanced guardian angel a couple days ago. Before i synthesize it I wanted to see if it may have any value during the game. Like a special boss that crits alot or arena solo playing against an archer. I'm an archer too btw. Thanks
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    I need to know too.
    Guardian Angel vs Multishot.

    How does it work?
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      Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
      I need to know too.
      Guardian Angel vs Multishot.

      How does it work?
      Well, multi is guaranteed to crit so guardian would be useless it that situation. Arrow strike and Lunitic it "could" help. Just thought I would ask before I got rid of it.


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        Well SirChuck, Enhanced Guardian Angel can be a lifesaver but only if you have enough slots to make it worthwhile. At some point you need to actually keep astrals to the side and swap out in various situations. Reducing crit chance is huge and does indeed help vs lunatic fire and arrow shot.
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          Very sorry for necro bumping but I have a question on this astral. For a knight would it be a good 7th astral to use? or would it be better to use a orange/red brilliance instead?


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            Wow, this certainly is an old thread I posted. I can tell you this astral is very useful for DT NM first boss to get to the summoner. He is a heavy p attack and crits a lot. I take out all mdef gems and astral and insert this. good luck


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              guardian angel 7 is good against 3k+ crit archers.
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                Class wars between an archer vs archer is the best use of EGA.