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Archer double attack(combo) in WB best one pls...

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  • Archer double attack(combo) in WB best one pls...

    im just curious how is archers do combo in WB.. they are so OP in WB lol.. pls help anyone, thanks

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    set mult-shot and dephic and press afk. Perfect combo


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      I don't see how that will help much it will take you 10+ battles to even use Delphic once with that combo since Multishot gains 0 rage & unless you have the 50/60 set you gain at best 7 rage/extra strike.


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        In World boss,50/60 set can do the most damage for archer,u must use armor piercer.First use arrow strike or multi shot for the first attack,after boss attacked you, wait for your auto attack,in the same time use armor piercer,and can use maximum 5x auto+armor piercer,total 11 delphic;s harder than 55 set's delphic combo,watch for the timing.
        Btw,for 55 set,just multi shot,auto+arrow strikex4,then delphic.ARCHER ALWAYS DO THE MOST DAMAGE IN WB BASED ON THE SAME STATS.
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          I use Arrow Strike, Multi Shot and Delphic Sniper.

          Start with MS since the screen still dark.

          When you see the WB, your MS with QTE should be ready.

          Then, start spamming AS as fast as possible.

          If you are fast enough, and you do not lagged it will give you double hit every turn. (try to figure your correct timing I heard that it depend on your internet connection)

          For this method, using DS will rune the double hit.

          So, you need to count how many times you can attack the WB and using DS as your last hit.

          PS: One or two normal hit will be missing if lagged,

          Hope this help