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The Guild System

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  • The Guild System

    I am still trying to wrap my head around the Skills available in a Guild and their extraordinary cost.

    If I am correct here for instance,

    Power Boost to Lvl 4 cost the player 2 MILLION Gold...for that one skill. That money doesn't count for any other skill.
    What one get for that is + 160 Power. Is that really worth 2 million gold pieces?

    In this way, you will have to spend 2Mill for every skill at that level.

    I must be missing something here. What is the great advantage of this?????

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    Power boosts pAtt (four points for every 1 point of Power iirc), and boosts pDef (by one point for every one point of Power), thus your damage output and damage reduction from physical attacks becomes better. Basically making you become a tougher opponent, so that's the advantage of investing in Power. All the skills basically allow you to grow and become a tougher opponent in aspects of the game.
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      It's a worthy investment since you will not be leveling it all at once and with the advantages you get from it as you level up you make back the gold in world bosses and spending gold on bettering our stats is how to stay competitive and grow as a player.


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        Let me ask another question here.
        Must you make the contribution all at once?
        It seems that way to me.
        Or can you let your contributions build up over time, then cash it all at once for a particular skill?


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          You let your contributions build over time and when you get the skills worth you can level it, at higher levels skills cost millions of gold, you can't walk around carrying that lol.

          I find Astrals and guild skills go head to head, If you're feeling lucky you can spend that gold on astrals, not big on luck spend the gold on skills, to a point i believe tho, as skills get much expensive with each level.
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            Got it. Thanks!!!