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S63 - Talverton Citadel - baging for server merge

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  • S63 - Talverton Citadel - baging for server merge

    Hi, this is Trickster

    I am a player of S63 and in order to save it must receive a server merge.

    All became boring, alot of ppl quit, high level players... Guild battle are between 2 guilds: 1st has about 30+ ppl inside and second under 25 ppl... Battlegrounds are in only 2 waves (30 ppl?!) ... this is pathetic whats going on with us, we need more people... we are like a little village where everyone knows everyone... some ppl need to help around making MPs 3x (9 runs :/) times a day so all make them... and day by day another bites the dust and quits...

    Hope someone with the power to do something about it will check about our server.

    Anticipated Thanks!

    PS: as a suggestion: a server that started new and passed to all starting server events in within max 2 more week should receive a merge with an appropriated server.

    ... and as a matter i understand that all staff its working on the new update but still i didn't seen so many server merges as it should be...
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    Trickster - Level 69 - Proud Archer of [S63] Talverton Citadel

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    yeah we really could use a merge SOON..


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      without merge, this server is as good as dead


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        first time when i agree with donder
        without a server merge we will die as server . many top players quited the game because it's boring and as it was said in #1 post we all who are left we have to do 12-15 Mp runs per day to help all make it, GB is good as dead, BG kinda same. the fun in this server and the competition are gone and more players will quit very soon.
        Server: [S63] Talverton Citadel
        Player name: WampyreGirl
        Guild Name: Eternity
        Player Level: 76
        BR: 170k
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          Im playing in this server from the begining (Srle, knight lvl 61) and i totaly agree with everying that is said.
          Only thing that will get us going is merge and more game features. By new i dont mean just new multiplayer raids and new eqipment , we need new content , doing same thing every day , much of the day is really boring and if we miss out on new content we will quit no matter how high or how long we played..


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            yes, indeed, we need tht merger..!! the sooner the better

            :: AmaraTH ::
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              well, I have to agree with all was said above,

              we need a server merge as soon as possible, or the server will go definitely to a dead end pretty soon.


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                I'm a top 10 player in S63 and pay alot to play this server and enjoy it alot ... but like all above me said it's all true we need a server merge becose we lack people. Doing like 12/15 MP runs and keep the morale on my guild its hard work becose eventually people in here gets bored we need more competition, 50 active players just won't be around for long if this stay the same

                With love: Acheron


                • #9
                  i have agree whill all,
                  whe need merge if no bb wartune greating from smekla


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                    Good day! We need that change immediatelly! Can you do that for us? Thanks.

                    Best regardes!

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                        Good ideea, we need merge, i havent done my MP for couple of days because i cant find players to do that. We realy need merge, until merge i will not rebuy my VIP anymore. Lance, Mage from S63, lvl 56....
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                          Y i agree we need merger server !! Many good ppl out...We no have good competition now.. boring time in bg and gb..!!

                          so cek its R2.. and save your player


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                            Even if we all merge into 2 guilds,we are'nt able to get a 50 vs 50 active players in a GB.I pm most of lower lvl guild master to ask them to merge.
                            We do our best to help ourself, please help us!! I like to bother the higher lvl but they start to disapear.We have 776 players into the 16 highest guilds and im sure we can all fit the active into 1.
                            I don't know what will happend IF we merge but all i can say is soon Guild battles will be won by 1 afk men.VIP is buged, knight shield too, couple other bugs, players stop playing more and more...
                            Im playing for 2 months and i saw the top 10 players leaving.Im normally play MP game for 2 years... i'll be the last one to fight in S63 and i don't want to win over sky+walk that way and im sure they dont want to losse that way too...

                            Please Merge S63

                            Thank u


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                              agree but we have to mail developper