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VIP and guild battles

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  • VIP and guild battles

    Starting with VIP. There are players like me, who wants to be VIP, but don't want exp. Ok, being VIP, we have an extra bonus of exp in dungeons, so i have been VIP for 1 month, lvl 3 VIP, and cancelled it, now i have to wait to reset all my points, but only rest 5 per day, you could make a system, to reset all points by balens i think, that will be good for people like me.

    Guild battles, why only 8 guilds? in a server are more than 800 players, and only 50 members can go to gb, so more than 50% of players cant participate. You want only 8 guilds per server? other will dissapear, and a guild with more than 100 players and only 50 participating in gb its crazy. Always same players goes, so same players only gain soul cristals and mount training whips, other players if want to gain something willl have to go to a new server and start game...thats not fair. return 16 guild battles.