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One good idea, that all agree on!!!

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  • One good idea, that all agree on!!!


    many of os stand no chance in BG / PVP cause people got 60 legendary gear and we only got 55 pvp gear, and why even bother pvp when we got no chance?

    since summoning retual only got to be 5 per run and 15 total in 3 runs its gonner take the rest of os 100 days to get full 60 normal gear -.-"

    PLZ return it back to normal!!!

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    It's at least 6 per run. When you kill the first boss, it drops 1.
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      Yes is unfair for old players have it alredy me no limit, and we have 1 year Before we have a lvl 60 legendary we are far Close to lvl 80.

      And pur geared people have no chance vs full legendary lvl 60.
      This is one of my bigest resone to why i have become borning of this game i Count Count Count and take me arount 1 year for complete lvl 60 set.

      I have problie quit play this game for over 6 months Before i finnish it.
      Becouse we become **** up in bgs and take for long time no one want to spend 1 year for get one set.

      Personligen i Think R2games have do it like that for them only want have short times players spend alot of balans after quit do them start see that its take for long time to get full legendary pve set.

      R2Games coming kill this game frome and now i have stop to buy balans only renew my VIP.

      gems is still only max lvl 8 so even non payers coming get them sometimes.
      We Catch up later and have spend $0 usd to R2games.

      Not Worth pay for a game some give black screns bugs, and take year to complete something.
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