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Socketing Rod Availability

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  • Socketing Rod Availability

    Socketing Rod Availability
    No doubt it's already been brought up, I actually registered so I can bring it to the developers attention.

    Already paying customers have an unfair advantage over non-players. Obviously it goes without saying that favor lies with paying customers, but to such extents that a VIP of the same level has almost double the BR is ridiculous. Given the fact that upgrading gear is the only way you're going to get forward, doesn't it seem like non-paying customers are being cheated if they can't access such basic and important items? I'm not saying you just give them out, charge however many vouchers/guild contribution or whatever you think is right. As long as we non-payers can access it.



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    You can get them from your guild's altar. Granted it's rare but it can happen. It used to be Balen-only.


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      Rare is a massive understatement.


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        Originally posted by sshaharia View Post
        Rare is a massive understatement.
        Yes but before it was *ZERO* chance outside of Balens.


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          Not so rare anymore. I actually broke down and on my little non casher took advantage of the sale that gave 5 socket rods for less than price of one. Donated once on her for the 4.99 for the 500 balens. Socketed my gear fully and had some left over. Now, I get socket rods out the butt from the altar on her. I swear at times the altar is possessed by a practical joker that dispenses everything but what you need.

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            I got 3 in a row once on guild altar.


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              You can even get Socks rods frome the Battel ground chest.

              But got only one socks rods frome BG chest in 3 me 3 months playing everyday at BG i got one.
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                More sockets i see in near future?
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