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Why the random looks for clothes?

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  • Why the random looks for clothes?

    When I bought the clothes and wings, I did so wanting to create a certain look. But then when I pay more to level up the look I paid for gets changed to something i have no desire to be seen in and no choice in that matter. It seems to me that if I pay to level up there should be a choice as to what I look like. Instead of it being a random selection there should the option to choose whether it changes or how it changes. When you successfully level up offer a choice of that levels looks or to not change look at all. Unless i misunderstood it the whole idea behind the clothes was to express ourselves in our own unique way. How can we express ourselves if not given a choice? Yes I know I also have the choice not to do it at all but then that just makes the whole clothing thing a waste of time right. I also know I can hide the clothes if i don't like the way they look but then what good is buying them in the first place. Posting this to see if any other people have similar thought or opinion.

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    I totally agree! Buying the clothes was motivated by the "Customize the way you look, and Stand out from others" advertising before the patch came in, now you spend money for stuff you wouldn't spend on if you seen it and are stuck w/ it trying to improve what you liked and bought! I had an issue, due to lack of knowledge at the time, w/ synthesizing...wasn't very clear on how to do it in the ? section and wasted some items trying to lvl up to lvl 3 clothing item "Weapon" sent a ticket in on it and was told to read the forums for future synthesizing :/ why does anyone have to go out of the game to understand how to do something in it? so wasted two Fashion Cores and 50K in Gold, no biggy on the gold but at 395 Balens to replace a core, should had been more clear, and also the randomness issue as mentioned here And they say benefits go to those that Pay HAA!!! Have better luck if you buy a lottery ticket! lol well maybe not true, but I do agree w/ the having the ability on new lvl to choose what you paid for!
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      Though it costs some Balens, you can store ("convert") any style you wish to save - so that it's not lost. Though the look is "random" (there aren't that many styles to be honest), after enough synths, you will eventually get the style you want. Unfortunately, there is no "try on" feature for the special or rare styles - but there is one for the basic styles.