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Summoning Guild Tree

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  • Summoning Guild Tree

    I would like to suggest to R2 that guild master assistants should be able to summon the guild tree of ancients and the divine altar just like the guild master do. The reasoning behind this would be that it is not fair for guild members to keep waiting for a guild master, that may not show up in time or at all, if there are assistants that could summon it at the time the guild members agreed to summon it. I hope you like this idea and implement it soon.
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    It's been proposed before. Decent suggestion. +1.


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      I agree because even I as a Guild leader have unexspected events but i do not want any assistant Able to do this i would like to add to ur suggestion of More ranks i general

      Ex: Guild master
      Guild Commander- Toa acess, Divine alter access, aprroving,kicking,promote,demote,Guld Upgrade acces, Battle participants
      Guild assistant- approving,kicking,promote,demote,battle participants
      Guild officer- approving,kicking,promote,demote
      Guild member- more vaued than trainee
      Guild Trainee- upon entering the guild

      Add to our first post would be fine by me if you also agree to this


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        I don't agree with Kolinko, assistants should have the possibility to summon the guild tree of ancients and perhaps even the divine altar for the same reason as for summoning the guild tree. If the guild master doesn't show up even 5 minutes after the agreed time for any of those 2 events, let the assistant do it and keep your mouth shut because you're weren't there as the guild master in charge. Besides if you promote some member to assistant is because you can count on him or her, you can trust them to behave and do their work even if you're not there to watch what they are doing.

        BTW I don't see the need to add any new guild ranks, it's pretty useless.

        Guild master poll time should be reduced, if the guild master doesn't show up in 4 days, let the members vote for a new guild master, the poll should only last 2 days. In total members should only wait for 6 days to choose a new guild master if deemed necessary.
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          or let the GM set the tree to automatically spawn at X time if not chanced by them that day


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            I completely agree. I was in a guild where the GL left the game and it wasn't possible to summon the tree for almost 2 weeks. Lost almost every active member of the guild , as we had to do the whole waiting period for a new GL to be elected. The guild died due to this.


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              Originally posted by R210192279 View Post
              or let the GM set the tree to automatically spawn at X time if not chanced by them that day
              Yes that would be the best .


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                Out of all of the suggestions here, I prefer setting the Tree summon time to a recurring time that only the Guild Master chooses, that way the guild continues to run smoothly no matter what and it does take some stress off of the Guild Master should anything happen unexpectedly.

                One thing that would be nice about changing the abilities of the Assistant Guild Master position is that upgrades can be toggled on or off by the Guild Master as needed. Instead of making it automatic or permanent, the Guild Master retains control of the guild in all ways, but can use this option should they have an appointment, work engagement, lose internet access and need help with the guild, take a vacation, etc. Some things come up unexpectedly, and it should be easier for the Guild Masters to delegate certain responsibilities as they see fit. It would be nice if you can have 2 Guild Masters in some instances, but that is a far shot in this sort of game, and likely not going to be helpful. The other ideas are much more applicable, given these restrictions. Please do consider this seriously.