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  • Event Quests

    I've been playing Wartune for a while now, and I've noticed that every time you have events, and event quests, it's the same old boring stuff that we have to do anyway for daily quests. Plunder 3 players, 10 group arena runs, 2 multi-player dungeons, blah blah blah. Same quests, different event.

    How about some quests that require doing some different things?


    1) Collect 20 daru pearls in the Wilds.
    2) Exterminate or Weed the farms of 5 different farm friends.
    3) Find and defeat 5 Wilds treasure caches.
    4) Defeat 4 guild chamber invaders.
    5) Find and occupy the gold mine of another player.
    6) Collect 20 soul crystals.
    7) Plunder 2 players your own level or higher.
    8) Win 5 consecutive battles in solo arena challenge.

    Additional suggestions and ideas from other players are welcomed. Surely I'm not the only one bored with seeing the same old event quests recycled for every event, especially when some of them (like alchemy quests) require spending balens.

    HeikeO - S36

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    TotAlly supprt this idea ALso some Add on idea's for this could be *THUMBS UP*

    Aso using the Copper Daily quest For somehting would be nice I kno te story line is to ipo yor city but your City nvr changes so maybe collecting these being put into an inventory slot for a Possible Upgrade to the way your castle looks would be Sweet sort of a nw idea but your quest idea brought that to my attention


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      Absolutely! +1


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        Different is good. +1.