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    Let me just start off saying I play on Kabam and don't have an option for free Balens so please don't tell me to do those offers as I don't have them.

    Free Wings- That do nothing more than add to your look. I don't need them to give me stats I simply enjoy the looks of the wings. Going a bit farther, weaker wings that coast Vouchers instead. Besides, then we non-cashers can confuse the people with stat boosting wings into attacking us or leaving us alone in BG. Though the new Title system already does that with Crusaders running around as Privates.

    More events that give things like Clothes. If they had kept two Egg quests for free people would have been able to get 2 sets of clothing and would be very happy. I went with Mask and a Fashion Core so I made the most out of my 1 free clothing option.

    I keep hearing about an auction house in the Chinese Servers. I'd like a link to somewhere that proves this.

    A increased chance for Socketing Rods, Shadow Crystals, and Crystaloid. Crystaloid especially. It seems that they drop less and less at higher levels and yet you need more of them than before. I don't mind a little grinding. I play a lot of games and understand that grinding is a common thing. But still why does 1 Lv50 gear take 200 Lv4 Crystaloid and yet Lv20 takes 5? I think that's a big jump.

    Gem Transposer in Crypt Tokens. The Catacombs seem to be the best place to get Gems anyway so why not have the Transposer in the shop for an insane (preferably reasonable) amount? Crypt Keys are hard to come by unless you have balens so the casher will still be able to get them ahead of non-casher such as me.

    More use for Insignia. I'm only a Elite Warrior so I'm saving my Insignia for the horse when I hit Crusader but looking at the shop. What's left after that? Medallions and lv60 epic. The Crystaloid problem means I'll for sure have enough insignia for the epic shards by the time I need them. (Guild Battle does help with Insignia I know.) We can have the "reduced stat wings" cost insignia for all I care. I just need more reason to do 3v3 Arena and earn insignia. Right now I just do the 5 needed for quest.

    Information on the homestead. Really, what's with that thing sitting there taunting me with it's uselessness?

    All 12 farm slots would be nice and being able to plant 2 Kyanite crops ONLY when you have all 12 open.

    A use for Unbound Items. Either get rid of it so I don't have to keep merging them myself(cause I'm lazy and admit that fact) or give me a reason for that item being Unbound.

    Trading system for non-equipment items. So you can't give someone your old lv45 armor but you can give them Legendary Shards and again Crystaloid (yes those are really bugging me right now) you no longer have use for. I had about 30 Lv40 Shards doing nothing after I got my Lv50 items. It'd have been nice to let someone make use of those.

    VIP Tokens that sell for more than 1 gold. Honestly, what's 1 gold going to do? Why not 100? Something still so small you won't gain much from it, but more useful than 1 gold.

    I don't expect anything here to be implemented. While I think these are good/cool things I know that they have flaws to them, I just can't see them at the moment cause I want them. So all you trolls and people with WAY to much time on your hands. Go ahead and light your torches and grab your pitchforks. Tell me how wrong I am in putting this up and how stupid this thread was. I got my tissues ready to dab the tears away.

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    Looking at this list nothing here would be a game breaker per se. The only thing is the insigs. You need **** tons for the lvl 50/60 gear and the higher lvl medallions so yes you will need to save a bunch of them up. The transposers yea I could see them being in the crypt shop for a good amount of tokens. Its not really fair they have a chance to drop in the necropolis when you need crypt keys to even enter the necropolis...

    The VIP tokens should be kept. I just wish they would drop 1hr or 2hr VIP cards for us to use. Its not game breaking and it gives us something to use the tokens on.

    Everything else seems doable but I don't see it coming. The biggest complaint regarding the trading is the apparent exploit of the system. Lets be frank though...this kills the non-cashers much more than the cashers. They can buy their crystaloids from events and stuff and we have to grind months to get ours...not really fair.

    I give this a +1

    Class: Assassin lvl 78
    BR: 67K
    Server: Qianfo Hall