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Losing titles

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  • Losing titles

    Is it possible to lose a title? Under what circumstances?

    A few examples with my guesses:

    Honor titles - lost when you lose the rank, but not when you advance.
    Spelunker/Exorcist - cannot be lost.
    Love Thy Guild - lost if you leave the guild, obtained again when you reach 100k contribution.
    'Top X' titles - lost if you lose the spot. (confirmed by Patyfatycake)
    Astral Master - lost if you lose the astral. (I'm not sure if this triggers for green astrals, but it could be possible to use those to get the title and then merge them)
    Kills/wins titles - cannot be lost.
    No1 GM - lost if you lose the GM spot or a guild battle.
    Lucky strike - cannot be lost.
    Guild Guardian - possibly lost when leaving a guild.
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    U can lose top 10 if you are out of 10(Confirmed)


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      If you don't qualify for the title at reset, you lose the title, So any ranking titles will be lost if you can't stay within whatever the ranking requirement is, same with the guild stuff. You're no longer GM, you lose it etc.


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        what about the server sweetheart with the most charm?


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          Again, if you don't qualify for it, you lose it. So if you're not the one with the most charm, bye bye title.


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            you can lose honor title if you lose honor rank...confirmed
            giving game one last chance :

            guild leader : endangered
            server 164 brighthollow
            class : archer
            current level : 54
            favorite title : Balenor's Number One Guild Master


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              And what about the Astral Master and Guild Guardian titles?

              Astral Master
              Own a lvl. 10 astral.

              Guild Guardian
              Obtained 10 first guild place victories in the Guild Battle.

              I'm guessing that you lose the first one if you don't have a lvl 10 astral at the 05:00 ST reset. As I see it, a lot of people will get their green astrals to level 10 (which can be done within a few days, depending on one's resources) and just keep it there to get the title (not that it matters, but I'm interested in whether this is possible).

              But what about the second one - from the wording, I'd say that you can keep it even if you leave the guild. I understand that this is mostly guesswork, as nobody could already have this.
              Also, I'd like to clarify the meaning of that one - as I understand it, if you get the most points on your team in the battle, you get 1/10, regardless of whether you lost or won. I take this from the fact that I have 1/10 and we lost the last guild battle, but I was 1st by points collected.

              Also, when is the reset? The Road Warrior title for the top 20 cross server pvp points is reset every week at saturday, I guess. But the rest reset daily?
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                As for astral - If you no longer have the astral then use you will lose the title, you no longer "Own" it so the title is gone.

                Guild guadian, who knows, I understand it as being the winning guild in Guild Battle for the week 10x.

                Reset is at 03:00,give or take a few minutes. This should be when the titles are handed out.
                Rankings however, will show whatever peoples current level/stats etc are at 05:00, give or take a few minutes.


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                  I love Smooth operator ^_^
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                    Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
                    As for astral - If you no longer have the astral then use you will lose the title, you no longer "Own" it so the title is gone.

                    According to people that have tested the astral one, they still have it after day change with that astral being gone.


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                      You see, this is interesting. I'll try getting a lvl 10 green astral in a few days (shouldn't be too hard), and I'll report here (if I remember) when I'm done.


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                        Well, it took me 2 weeks, but I finally got a level 10 green astral. The theory is verified.
                        So, even though this is obvious by now, you don't lose the title if you lose the lvl 10 astral. I still didn't wait for the morning reset, but I don't think that will change anything (as honor titles, for example, are lost as soon as you lose enough honor).

                        Thanks, everyone who participated.


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                          Once u get Astral master title it will remain with u. this title is not expire able.
                          I made green lvl 10 astral & got title then merge my green lvl 10 astral with my orange lvl 6 astral & title is still with me after 15 days. so u will not lose title if u lose ur astral


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                            You do not lose your astral title! Once you own it you own it and never lose it. Must have been a change since last April.


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                              Stop Necro-ing dead threads please!!!!!
                              Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                              Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.