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what is best BR for lv up 60

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  • what is best BR for lv up 60

    for now iam lv 59 mag with 38k BR .. mag attack 13k mag def : 10500 phy def : 7200 hp 27500
    honor : knight crusder and iam 90% exp and talanet is max so i dont do cata and spire and also daily .. bounty quest so its boring for alittle so i need to lv up soon so what is best BR needed to lv up btw iam no- casher player so i dont have wings and high clothing etc .. need little advice

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    Archer lvl 59, 42.5k BR, not a casher, knight crusader and still doing cata. Don't look at your BR to level because it's possible that you have a lot of wasted BR (such as PATK). Look at what you can do when you level. Have you gathered a lot of bounty scrolls and shadow crystals? Have you got enough crypt tokens for the lvl 60 jewelry? It is very likely that you won't be able to continue owning the BG anytime soon, but your BR is fine for leveling if you decide to do so. Also, perhaps the best measure is - try doing 30 arena 5 days a week with people of your level. If you can win over 50% you're probably ready.

    However, I wouldn't suggest going to the BG before lvl 69 since as a knight crusader you'll just lose enormous amounts of honor - yeah, you can probably beat a few guys up to lvl 64 there, but that's not enough. Also, don't count on getting elite crusader+ anytime soon. Just forget about honor ranks for a while.

    Also, I've seen a few better than myself. Cashers like Monstaa, darkrage and a few others have over 55k BR on this level.


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      for lv 60 jewel set i dont need thim i aready have full rings and jewel lv 50 legendary and for honor i also dont think about get hight ranks dont care .. and the only thing i was stay for it is GA i was do it with friend and we some time lose all 30 round but i lookig for lv up 60 becuse i cant stay 59 all time must lv up soon or later that is why i ask when i can be rdy ..


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        You are losing a lot of exp, if you don't do spire and bounties. You are losing a lot of gems if you don' t do cata... Level up and forget about that honour... Yes, you will lose that title if you go to Bg, but your character growth matters more.


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          I forgot to mention a few other things. Your BR depends on what astrals you've got. All % astrals (will destroyer, goddess blessing, illusion) don't give you BR, so if you have more of those, you're stronger than you appear to be.

          I'd recommend leveling guild skills to 10 and all astrals to at least 5 before leveling (yellow 5, of course). Also, prepare a yellow lvl 4-5 for your new astral spot on lvl 60. Have the new troops at least at level 54-56 and some enlightenment at level 4.

          But even now you should be ready, as far as I can tell. There will always be people in arena who will slaughter you, because they hold their levels even more than you do. But that's normal - nobody wins all 30 (with a good team I can get 27-28 per day, but there are always a few of those who are too strong).

          EDIT: what Emily said - if you don't care about honor a lot, you should have already leveled


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            #1 R26119117
            If u don't care about honor. Don't really matter what u do.
            But,if you come in here asking, maybe u care a little :P
            I'm a non casher too, lvl 69 44k br archer.

            It's surely wise to raise your honor rank now, medallions (last ones) are so strong, and if u don't take them now, is gonna require a looot of time and effort after the lvl up.

            BG 60-69 is doable, but it's not like you are used to. There are crusarders and many of em with more than 50k br. with higher stuns.
            The point is... that it's not that fun. and very hard to say the truth. Continuos hit and run, mostly run
            But overall mage in BG do better, they can auto heal while fighting very lower people etc etc. U can make it work.

            I guess a good br to go a little bit smooth in bg is 46-48k, now mages have some advantages thx to the templars. And new titles system may help you not to be targeted, ish.

            Your BR increase just by 1 astral(plus the lame lvl up stats ), cause lvl 60 non legend accessory are worse than the 50s and u lose the 4th socket, until u legend the 60s (lot of token, and necro 5 isn't a easy job for a mage 3 crypt k. per attempt).
            All the other improves,except stun,can be done at 59 aswell.
            PVE 60 is a very long way (10 crystaloid x day = 4 months, and 10 is above the average, 7-8 it's more realistic), and if u don't have a huge amount of skelly stacked, or a lot of insignia to legend the 60, a 50pve legend appear to be a better, cheaper and faster choice. Much better than the 55 pvp that most people have.
            Plus u probably already have many crystaloids for the 50pve. But can you make it without lvling?(even if it's not necessary to rule in bg 50-59 a pve legend it's great to have)

            EXP as free player don't really matter. U'll be always behind.. so much behind. No need to bother about exp for a freeplayer. Consider your stun sure will improve, but obviously u know u can't compete there.
            Eventually u'll end up stalling at 64 max 66 (if need skill point), cause BR isn't enough to easily go through DemonTemple without a very good team. And MoonevilDen exp diminish a lot. lvl 68 give 200k, lvl 69 gives 70k ish exp per run. Not very much.

            In the end, all considered the only real advantage u can have over any kind of player(casher or non), is the medallion.
            BG is not much about fighting fair .. but more fighting farming honor (bigger eat smaller), or carting... once u got lvl5gems.. no need for carting anymore. U can skip bg at all, if u want.

            Have fun deciding what to do
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              If you look at the cross-server top 100, the highest lvl59 is at 56.6k BR.


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                for myself, i am a small cashier...lvl 64 w 45k br...but i am a knight who also has crit astral (864 )..doesnt do too bad.., but still not good enough..( will be adding will destroyer ). i also have lvl 15 holy, but i still get stun by ppl who have lvl 20 the real question is ...what do u feel comfortable doing...if i was u, ( and i am not )...i would build up ur Pdef..kinda low for any lvl 59, i would also do the arena, spire , BG , and EVERY-THING-ELSE that you hv been missing out on...exp, rewards, and that fact of beating someone or beating a harder than hard are missing out on a ton of doing that, u will fall behind everyone such a point wont even be able to compete. you will ALWAYS find someone who can beat just ( at least ) make them earn it..i know this isnt the answer you are looking for, but it is reality..good luck in finding what works for you..- chaosfactor -116


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                  just hold your level and get the 55 pvp set or else u wont kill people fast and they will blow you out in the 60's.... 50 pve leg is suicidal there


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                    Originally posted by kattuktk View Post
                    just hold your level and get the 55 pvp set or else u wont kill people fast and they will blow you out in the 60's.... 50 pve leg is suicidal there
                    Lol? 50 PVE is better than 55 PVP.. even in PVP


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                      Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
                      Lol? 50 PVE is better than 55 PVP.. even in PVP
                      Funniest joke ive heard yet..


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                        Originally posted by kattuktk View Post
                        Funniest joke I've heard yet..
                        +3k br and superior rage generation is joke indeed. Especially if you are archer and can lunatic,bloodthirsty and then at 6s left for 50% delphic.


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                          for mage... Spamming of heals, meteor & rof 😎
                          S166. lvl: 78(soon/is)
                          Mage: Existence (G.M)
                          BR: 113k-ish 70 set's done!!


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                            i am a non cashier archer .. lvl 62 a the moment .. with 44.5 k br .. 13.5k atk, 9.9pdef, 9.2 mdef maxed guild skills of end,power, and armour with lvl 7 charisma, hp at 36k and critic at 1.8 and all astrals lvl 5. with lvl 60 crypt set and lvl 55 pvp set... I found if u r not a cashier there is not point in looking at cashiers and say damm u can;t compete .. yeah even if u hold for eternity at lvl 59 u wont win against smart cashiers who play the game. I win over a lot of vips higher than my lvl but not against serious players who invested cash .. Just go out and enjoy the game and once u start thinking too much and staying back u r loosing all the fun .. games are meant to be fun .. if u r missing the point
                            Happy gaming..
                            Char allari
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                              Originally posted by Arintal View Post
                              +3k br and superior rage generation is joke indeed. Especially if you are archer and can lunatic,bloodthirsty and then at 6s left for 50% delphic.
                              And then watch the guy with the lvl 55 PvP set crush you because of the PDEF/MDEF nerf...
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