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Suggestions to solve solo arena rewards

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  • Suggestions to solve solo arena rewards

    the problem we face when we get arena ranking is player fight afk player using random skills
    my suggestion to solve this is : make both player fight in AFK mode
    for example i duel with one of the player in solo arena then i cant use any thing just watch the fight so he will use random skills so do i
    i think this will be fair more that the current system

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    How does this solve arena rewards?
    They work as they well...always have done.

    If you're worried about losing that #1 spot (or which ever arena spot you're worried about), just keep attacking those who you think will take it from you, and when they kill you and take it. You're already fighting to take it back.
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      I just hate that my archer will use scat for no reason and my mage will use puri for no reason. Please, at least fix it so these skills are only used on something applicable!
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        I'd like to have at least a little bit of control over my AI when I'm being dueled.

        Would be amazing if we could get something similar to the FF-XII Gambit System. Even if it was as simple as choosing the first X moves (where X is how many moves you can do with your starting rage). Then my AI would at least start the fight as I normally would.

        Since everything else in this game is based around different kinds of level-ups, we could go so far as to add a level-up system for it (perhaps an alternative use for kyanite when the academy is maxed). Each level-up unlocks 1 additional AI Move Slot, giving you more control after you run out of rage.
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