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Experience in Guild Trees

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  • Experience in Guild Trees

    When weare in guild chamber and the tree is summoned, when we have duel, the experience is incremented a lot, almost 3 or 4 times the experience that the tree gives to character.
    In altar, we don't gain any experience extra in duel....
    Why don't you give us the chance to gain some more experience dueling in chamber please ?
    Is a very good option for all guilmates......
    thanks in advance

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    You think you get 3,4,5 times the experience simply because of the following reason:
    During the duel, you gain experience but it is not shown on the screen. When the duel is over, you get all those messages showing up on your screen at the same time.

    You don't get any experience for dueling in guild chamber!
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      We can't duel in our Guild Chamber anymore, if we want to duel we have to go over to the alter of ennoblement.

      Can you still duel in your guild chamber's?


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        He's talking about pre-1.5 patch.
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