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Farm list + friends list

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  • Farm list + friends list

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I didn't see it,


    Would be nice to be able to remove people directly from the friends list via the farm list, especially as a mage can have a good few pages of friends, and, after doing the rounds in farm you can easily forget the buggers you want to remove. "Grab a pen and paper", I hear you say, yes, been doing that, a bit silly though I think, considering a simple (groan, i know its not simple to implement) minus sign next to the names in farm list could remove the player from friends list in one happy go

    Another good one would be a counter at the top of actual friends list showing how many free slots available, again a small thing, (groan, again, i know its not so simple to implement), but would help a lot in adding the best set of friends needed.

    A great game guys, horribly addictive and the first after many, many years of online gaming that I have actually put money into

    Keep up the good work and thank you.