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  • Improvements

    To whom it may concern:

    The creators of Wartune should modify things about the game. There are a list of things that they need to do to fix it and improve the game.
    1. Fix the lagging problem that everyone gets when entering and engaging a fight in the battlegrounds
    2. Fix the times that Guild Battles, Battlegrounds, and Arena (group) are held; making it Eastern time for the United States would help
    3. Make the Market sell sets of armor and equipments for vouchers
    4. Be creative- find a creative way to earn Honor
    These are just the few things that the creators of the game Wartune should take in mind and fix ASAP. I am not the only one that thinks Wartune should make these improvements maybe half of the people that play Wartune complain about the same thing.

    Thank you

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    1. Lagging problems should be fixed.
    2. What do you mean? Evert server should be held according to Eastern Times?
    3. New items would be nice.
    4. Battlegrounds/Guild battles is sufficient for Honor.

    5. This suggestion should be directed to 7Roads.
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