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ban my talking rights

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  • ban my talking rights

    someone should ban their business rights. they obviously dont know how to conduct themselves. i hope i do raise enough attention they get on here themselves to do something and im full out ready to be done with this game and im leader of 5th guild on their whole game. if i quit their going to loose the majority of the 5th biggest income from their game way more then the 200$ extra the few people paid after they got lied to. i will be speaking to my lawyers today you better give some contact infromation refunds or fix your lies
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    You are being banned because you are obviously not aware of what the forum rules are - in which you are violating.

    With that being said, you will have your rights revoked for one day. Hopefully that's enough time for you to relax and chill out.

    Yet again, for the third time, have a good day.
    The King doesn't fall so easily boys