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Pro Mages out there, I need your advice (skills/astrals/troops/specialization)

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    Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
    I've always raised matk first, defenses second. I figure the more damage I deal, more gold I make at World Boss, more i can afford to spend on raising my matk further or defenses.
    Currently I'm working on my Charisma and Pdef for Archers and Knights.
    Charisma is a very under-rated stat that can help a ton in BG.
    So true, although when you get pve set and can do bl right after the knight/archer aoe and get troops back at full... not rly that needed:/.. (although i need more count to make sure they are alive until bl xD)


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      Originally posted by AllyMae View Post
      All of my equipped gems are lvl 5 since lvl 58. Those days, I upgraded MATK/PDEF/MDEF/HP simultaneously whichever has high quantity of gems but I finished MATK>PDEF>HP>MDEF gems in this order. I only put HP gems to my leg gears and normal gears are MATK/PDEF/MDEF. That's the reason why I lack HP + the fact that my leg 40 rings are not fully enchanted. Should I go for leg 50 rings instead of normal 60?

      Yea. that charisma (lvl 1 GS only, i left it behind to max Int and Def) has a big impact when battling against Knights. I will start to work mine after maxing my GS endu (lvl7).

      As much as I wanted to fast track my level, I couldn't because I don't run Moon MPD. I ran GoD NM to work on my 50 PVE set (almost 50% towards the goal). I stopped playing BG atm but I will be forced to because of the new event quest this coming week. Hehe! Good luck to me (I'm so afraid of honor loss). Here's my current stat at lvl 61:

      Drop Mdef gems from the normal gear, add HP gems.
      If making legend 50 rings is easy for you, feel free ot do it. Legend 40 > Normal 50... Legend 50 > Normal 60.