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  • Ward Tower

    So uh, I recently went back to crit build, and have noticed that my attacks against my opponents Ward Tower in Guild Battle, appear to be majority of crits.

    I have 3300 crit or there abouts, should be around 30% rate, Feels as though I'm landing well above 75%.
    Has anyone else noticed this? Did attacks against ward tower boost up our crit chances like against World Boss?

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    yes the whole fight is pretty much like against wb


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      3300 crit is over 70+% crit rate


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        Maybe its like the WB with the critical enhanced, you can double attack the ward so many the crit boost also applies (i didnt test it myself tho, im an EWD mage)


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          it is, i tried it and crit rate is very high even with only 1,4k crit


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            Originally posted by R27652377 View Post
            3300 crit is over 70+% crit rate
            Not normally, no. It's around 30-35%, but during this Ward tower =O Must be over 70%


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              Ward tower is like a wb, with slighly less crit amount.. if you live long enough, you will notice it also does a hard hit, although not as extreme as the wb... still did 300k crit on me though:P


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                The crit rate has been discussed before and someone said something that got my attention. I have no idea who this was, but now I believe that he/she is right.

                Players have some crit resistance from items (jewelry set bonus, possibly) and some base crit resistance. Monsters have some crit resistance, depending on the level. For example, when I do nether forest runs, I crit on every or almost every hit of Lunatic (compared to about 20% hits against players and 30% against monsters in moon+). The World Boss and the ward simply don't have any crit resistance (or it is really low). This was made for lower level archers to be able to crit at all, and it turns out that now archers with 2k+ crit usually crit on 95% of their attacks against these targets. There is a crit formula on the wiki that gives a really high crit chance for relatively low crit values, so the theory makes some sense if the resistance is applied to that formula.

                THIS IS JUST A THEORY. But I think it can explain some things well.


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                  I don't think it explains anything. I think it's just luck. I've tested on other chars, and the 100 - 1% seems pretty accurate.
                  Feels to me as though there's a 50% crit rate increase at World Boss, and now Ward Tower too. So with 3300 crit, I'd be looking at about 80-83% crit rate, which explains why more often than not, I miss about 2-3 crits at WB out of 12 hits.


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                    Players have basic crit resistance, no rings is just lowering the dmg taken from crits. This is option 1, which would explain why the crit rate at WT/WB is so much better.

                    Theory 2: which is a lot harder to prove, where instead of basic crit resistance, lvl somehow matters... It would be something like this: (crit rate-(lvl/2)^2)/~5000 For a lvl 50 with 2k crit rate, that would be ~27.5% crit rate(0.275).. This formula I made up myself after some testing, and it honestly works pretty decently(in pvp/pve... it totally fails at wb/wt)
                    Last edited by krackenker; 05-06-2013, 02:03 PM.


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                      You're absolutely right, both of these are valid theories. Unfortunately, that's just what they'll stay until someone gives us the actual formula. Since we can't test infinitely, we can't be absolutely sure of the formula, but we can approximate it like this. For some crit ranges or situations it will work, for some it won't. Maybe someone's even got the right formula by accident or through experimenting. In any case, the answer to OP's question is:

                      Yes, I have noticed that I crit as much as I do during the boss - even the chaining system is the same and allows for double attacks.