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suggestion for lag on world boss and guild battle

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  • suggestion for lag on world boss and guild battle

    can we please have a option to simpley not recieve info on other players no visual nada, at least on world boss it gets sooo laggy on wb, guild battle to everquet had a similar filter for spelleffects iircbasicly the server doesnt even send the info.

    Perhaps not possible for gb cause of others but, wb surely just send dmg info and stuff every so often it doesnt have to be constant except at the end.

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    Damage info.... you mean, 11 32-bit numbers every tick? (the top 10 ones + the overall damage dealt)... 1 or 2 ticks/Second...
    It's less than 0.1% of all what wartune sends/receive...
    But the images of every other player in the room, yes, that could be skipped. would be a good idea.
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