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- crit jewel / - crit astrals

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  • - crit jewel / - crit astrals

    does lvl 60 jewels -crit or astrals - crit work against other players in pvp situations?
    has anyone tested this?

    I only ask because now lv 70s jewels tells us that its -crit only works in pve and
    if its the case lvl 60s and astrals -crit are also in question.

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    Buy and test


    Crit Mage 80v
    ~135k Br



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      its not a big deal.. everyone wears them.. i mean, for pvp or not, it doesnt matter.. we have no choice but to use them. or maybe you prefer the ordinary violet ones? lol


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        apparently you guys either cant read or mentally retarded as this question is not just regarding jewels.
        If you have nothing constructive to say other than stupid questions just shut up.


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          i have checked the chinese server, the 60 jewel says 10% reduction in crit rate, but it doesn't say that it doesn't apply when battling players. only the 70 jewel says it doesn't work against players. which is weird because why would 70 jewel be a downgrade from 60 in term of the set bonus. doesn't make much sense. and given stats can be gained from mounts and other areas, that would make 60 jewel the best ring overall, if it's true that the 70 jewel bonus doesn't apply to players. (especially when in future, all classes would go for crit build and drop WD)


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            Can any mod or admin reply to this? Is it a bug or they really make a worse bonus on 70 than 60?
            S25 - Buradoth's Grave
            CAIN Guild
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