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RAge runes

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  • RAge runes

    hope there will be rage runes i nshop that can buy by voucher too coz some player dont have pve yet they and some kick them on rooms on mp coz of luck of rage i hope it will be implemented
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    Will never happen, sorry.

    I asked this question about 5month ago to customer service and they said it was to stop people "Spamming rage". Whatever that means LOL

    Suppose this in effect is an incentive to get your PvE gear and avoid using any rage runes


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      Add in incentive to purchase clothes as well.
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        and it would be another way to ruin the knight as they gain rage faster than anyone else (even tho their moves cost more) and would make them far too weak


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          Farm the pve set. Not asking for things to be made easier.
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