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  • Level 1 Intercept

    Just want to know what others think about intercept lvl 1 vs lvl 3.

    3 obviously does more damage and takes more rage but lvl 1 has a casting speed advantage. Personally, I've been using lvl 1 since i start group arena matches with it and it usually stops whoever i hit from doing an aoe on first turn (except mages but they're rarely on the front row). It's also very useful for "intercepting" delphic attacks since i can start casting intercept halfway into my opponent's casting time and still pulls it off. My absolute favorite thing to do with it is to hit another knight using intercept at start of match since mine is faster. I had lvl 3 intercept for a while for EDD but it bugged me so much in arena since I had to use it differently due to its longer casting speed. Does anyone else prefer lvl 1 intercept or am I the only crazy person here?
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    imo same casting speed.. in arena, faster inet speed is an advantage


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      go to play a knight Shikk....if you already do, pay more attenction. imo.

      Yes sometimes is better intercept lvl 1


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        Yes, it had been known or said that

        Skills without QTE casts out faster due to skipping over QTE wait time.

        It is also easier to do DoubleHits in WB and Catacomb using Skills that don't have QTE (you can do TripleHit with Multi-Shot without QTE easily - meaning doing Arrow Strike and Multi-Shot back to back and not just Arrow Strike every time)